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Tbilisi is the capital of the country of Georgia. Its cobblestoned old town reflects a long, complicated history, with periods under Persian and Russian rule. It is featured in F9 for the final showdown against Otto and Cipher.



After stealing Project Aries and kidnapping Elle from the Caspian Sea Bunker, Jakob Toretto and Otto, using Otto's family connections, launch a satellite into orbit which they will use to amplify the signal of Project Aries to take control of the world's satellites and computer systems. After launching the satellite, they flee in armored cars with Dominic Toretto's Crew chasing after them. Using magnets on their cars, they are able to take out the convoy and Han and Mia rescue Elle from one of the armored cars.

After Otto turns on Jakob, opting to work for Cipher instead, he has his henchmen attack Jakob and Dom saves him by pushing a car underneath him. Jakob then flees in Han's 2020 Toyota Supra but then returns when he realizes his brother needs help. He and Dom work together and flip the Armadillo. Dom and Ramsey board the 16-wheeler and successfully stop the upload link of Project Aries, in combination with Tej and Roman who destroy the satellite in space.

Cipher flies a jet to attack Dom and is able to blow up the 16-wheeler which results in Otto's death. Dom is able to jump out of the truck and destroys Cipher's jet before she flees, after it is revealed she was not in the jet but rather flying it from a remote location. Dom gives Jakob the keys to his Charger and lets him flee to hide from their enemies and the team return to Los Angeles.



  • Its country, Georgia is where wine was created.