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The Armadillo was a custom built 16-wheeler bullet-proof truck that was featured in F9.



After sending a satellite into orbit, Otto and Jakob move through the streets of Tbilisi as they await for the satellite uplink with Project Aries is uploaded. Dom and Ramsey need to get into the Armadillo to cancel the upload and Mia, Han and Letty work to wipe out the convoy to clear the way for them.

In the truck, Otto tells Jakob that there is an error with the upload and so Jakob climbs onto the roof of the truck to fix it, however this is revealed to be a ruse as Otto intends to double cross Jakob as he has now joined forces with Cipher. Otto sends his henchman, Lieutenant Sue, to finish Jakob off but Letty is able to stop him by magnetically throwing a BMW at him which Dom then pushes under Jakob to break his fall.

With the path cleared, Dom and Ramsey board the Armadillo and although they are too late, Roman and Tej are able to interrupt the upload by destroying the satellite in space. Although that plan is over, Cipher then flies in on a jet and starts firing rockets. She blows up the truck but only kills Otto and Dom is able to jump out of the Armadillo, causing it to ricochet into Cipher's jet, destroying it (although it is revealed that she was piloting the jet remotely and she is able to escape again). The Armadillo is then destroyed as a result of the explosion.


The Armadillo stands 14 feet high, weighs 26 tons and took four months to build. Vehicle supervisor Alex King worked with production designer Jan Roelfs to engineer and custom-built two versions of the Armadillo. King said in the film's production notes "The Armadillo, or as I've always called it, the Mother Trucker, is the biggest on-screen vehicle I've ever seen and certainly that I've ever built."