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"Well, our best guess is that Owen Shaw's crew is building a Nightshade device."
"Which is?"
"A tech bomb. Designed to block an entire military communication grid for 24 hours."
"If you blind a soldier for a single second in the middle of a fight, he dies. If you blind a country for 24 hours, the loss of life is unthinkable. This could be worth billions to the right buyer."
Luke Hobbs, Gisele Yashar and Riley Hicks[src]

The Attack on Interpol Headquarters was a successful mission undertaken by Owen Shaw's Team to steal a list of military bases containing the final piece of the Nightshade device.


When Deckard Shaw refuses Cipher's request to steal the Nightshade device for her, she turns her sights on his brother Owen Shaw. Owen and his team are approached by Connor Rhodes, on behalf of Cipher, who asked him to source the components for the Nightshade device. When Shaw learnt that there was a list of locations where the final component may be held in the Interpol HQ in London, he lured Luke Hobbs and the London Police to a makeshift hideout whilst the rest of his team stole the list from Interpol.

The Attack

When staking out Shaw's hideout, Tej Parker receives word that alarms have been set off at Interpol HQ. Hobbs and Dominic Toretto instruct Brian O'Conner, Roman Pearce, Han Seoul-Oh, and Gisele Yashar to stop the team that is ripping off Interpol whilst he waits to strike against Shaw and find his ex-girlfriend, Letty Ortiz.

When they arrive at Interpol, they are shot at by Owen Shaw's Team, and then chase after them. However, one of Shaw's team members is driving a modified ramp car that can flip over multiple cars. After disabling Han, Gisele, Tej and Roman's cars, Brian continues the chase but has his car flipped with the ramp car.

Dom and Hobbs chase after Shaw, but Hobbs loses Shaw after being thrown from his car, and Dom is able to force Letty to pull over but she shoots him and drives off.