The Fast and the Furious Wiki wiki is an fan encyclopedia that acts as a definitive source for The Fast and the Furious canon for its fans. The wiki was created on December 25, 2007‎‎ by Default and originally maintained by Halo 31887, JBanton, Marzbarz, Maisiewaisie and Larry1996. Presently, The Fast and the Furious Wiki is currently being administrated and reconstructed by recent wiki adoptive and bureaucrats Lily Ford, and Murali9395.

Wiki Etiquette

If you're still unsure of how stuff works around here, you may want to check out the MediaWiki User's Guide. There you will learn how to make bold, italics, and other wiki stuff. Out of courtesy, you really shouldn't edit pages unless you are adding something meaningful (fixing grammar and spelling mistakes is okay). You also shouldn't delete pages unless you have an extremely good reason. If you want to play around and get a feel for editing pages, please do so in the Sandbox.

The Wikipedia has a great WikiCivics section. They cover a lot of information about what is accepted and what is not accepted on a wiki. There are really no rules, but there is a definite level of etiquette involved. Some of the suggestions they offer are only relevant to the Wikipedia, but many of them apply to any wiki. Anyone interested in being a valuable contributor to any wiki should read them.

See also: The Fast and the Furious Wiki:Blocking Policy

A Warning

Above all, never use defamatory language or deface documents our community has worked hard to create. Note that the wiki gives everyone the ability to revert documents back to their original state. Therefore, no one can permanently harm the wiki by deleting pages. All an offender will accomplish is to slightly annoy our wiki community. After repeated defacings our administrators will permanently block the offender's IP address. If defamatory language is seen it will be changed or deleted.

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