This page is considered an official policy on The Fast and the Furious Wiki. It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.

Article Conventions is a more specific detailing of the Manual of Style for The Fast and the Furious Wiki, the latter being a general overview of article consistency. Article Conventions details how specific articles should be structured and followed from this point onward by all editors for The Fast and the Furious Wiki.

Character biographies

Character biographies should be separated by a series of one heading and several sub-headings (that use these specific terminologies, not “Through the Series” or other some such titles) such as:

Primary Article

Following the brief descriptor of the article, the following below should be established.

===Early Life==

===Film Name===
Description of specific character events in the film

Character Traits specific to the character.

Unique abilities specific to the character.

==Known Inconsistencies==
This section is placed before trivia and will note continuity errors created in the film regarding the actions or situation of the characters. This is not a place for “movie goofs” in the sense of things physically overlooked by production of the film during filming.

The trivia section should always become before the gallery heading.

Gallery Subpages

Below is a template for the character galleries that will create a subpage for the character articles. Images for character galleries (like most things on the wiki) must be of a standard of high quality, up to 500, 800 to 1280 pixels or more. Images under 250 or so pixels that aren’t being used as profile images for the infobox are regarded as low quality and will be deleted. More so, please reframe from uploading images with nonsense names like “vlscaps18828282”, black bars that indicate letterbox and always make sure the images are not fan art or any other kind of manipulation.

Additionally, please reframe from uploading camcorder quality images or screeners from the films prior to the movie’s official release.

{{GalleryBox|Character Name}}

Quote Subppages

Below is a template for the character dialog that will create a subpage for character quotes. Please note, when you’re adding quotes, add the proper quotes under the correct heading or leave the quote off the subpage until you can find a source. Also, the quote page is not a place for uploading massive blocks of character dialog. This is not a page for transcripts, so please do not treat them such. Contributions resembling transcripts will be deleted. Also, please mind the established manual of style established for quote subpages that have been created (See: Dominic Toretto/Quotes).
{{QuoteBox|Character Name}}

Car List

==Vehicles Driven==
This section refers to the number of cars the character has driven in the series or owns personally. For details on formatting, see: Dominic Toretto.
Additional citation. This is not a trivia section, so do not add trivia under this heading.


Citation should here below notes. If you do not know how make references please see the References page for more information.

Additionally character biographies should avoid referencing the name of the film as much as possible unless it is avoidable (such as explaining the presence of Han’s death in Fast and Furious 6 when it occurred in Tokyo Drift). In other words never start any aspect of a paragraph or sentence with “In [insert film name here]” or use terms like “in the climax of the film”, “at the end/start of the film”. The article should be written in third person, past tense. See the manual of style for more details.

Car Articles

The nature of car biographies isn’t dissimilar from character biographies. However, the one major difference is that the descriptions and headings should be specific to the car. Information regarding the model, make and year of cars used in the film should be specific to the film. These are not Wikipedia pages, so information regarding the specifications of the car should come directly from:

  • The films themselves
  • The official guide written in 2006,
  • And major car websites that have done featured articles on the production of the cars, like Edmunds, Hot Rod, TopSeed, and others.

General information that does not retain to the model, year and make of the cars themselves will be removed.

===Film Name===
This second refers to what happened with the car during the films it has appeared in. Make as specific to the car as possible otherwise it turns into a character biography.

Additionally, when writing the biography sections for car articles (and subsequently Character and Location articles), do not use out-of-universe descriptors like this:

"Another 1970 Road Runner appears briefly as a protagonist car in Fast & Furious (2009), driven by Letty Ortiz. On this occasion the car was destroyed, being flipped over multiple times and then it was set alight by Fenix Calderon, who tells Dom "the last time I saw it, it was burning". The car in Tokyo Drift is not the same as the one in Fast & Furious, since Letty's Road Runner is destroyed, which happens prior to the events of Tokyo Drift."
Plymouth Road Runner, The Fast and the Furious Wiki

Instead, format the description of the car and the events it was involved in-universe, like so:

"The 1970 Dodge Charger R/T was kept inside the garage of the Toretto House, was built by Dominic and his father in his youth. When his father was killed in a stock race accident by Kenny Linder, Dominic refused to drive the Charger because he was afraid of it. When Brian O'Conner became integrated into the crew and even began dating Dominic's sister, Mia Toretto, Dominic led him to the garage and showed him the Charger. The car is famed for its incredible power at 900 horsepower and holding a record 1/4 mile time at just nine seconds flat, set by Dom's father at the Los Angeles County Raceway."
1970 Dodge Charger R/T, The Fast and the Furious Wiki

This section refers to the details of the car referred to in the movie, mentioned in the official car guide from 2006, or the details explained from the production of the movie taken from articles. Please note that not all cars will have coverage or information on their specifications, so please, if there is no information to be obtained for the specifications do not use standard specs from a car model that was not modified for the purposes of the film. Just don’t create this section if that is the case.

Trivia regarding to the car as it pertains to its appearance in the film and its production.

Unlike the character biographies, car articles do not need a subpage for their visual aids. Instead they will be placed below the trivia section (like Character biographies) and will be visuals taken from the film, or photoshoots taken for the film in specifics. In other words, images from the model of the car in general like you would find on a Honda, Dodge or Ford official website will not be accepted. Also please reframe from personal seller and owner photographs found in google searches as we do not have permission from the users themselves to upload them onto the wiki.

Additionally, please reframe from uploading camcorder quality images or screeners from the films prior to the movie’s official release.

Videos of the car will be clips and scenes taken from the film and production of the film.



Location Articles

When creating article names for specific locations, please note that the state of the city or country is not necessary to add in the article’s title.

Again, this is not Wikipedia. No one will be confused as to which “Los Angeles” or “Tokyo” you’re talking about here, so it not necessary for additional subtitle in the article.

Again the structure for the Location article is not dissimilar to car biographies only the core section of the article is.

==Film Name==

Trivia section for information relevant to the location as it pertains to the film.

Images specific to the film the location appears in.