This page is considered an official policy on The Fast and the Furious Wiki. It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.

The Fast and the Furious Wiki allows for the uploading of images for use on article pages and user pages. To allow for the smooth operation of the site and to ensure that no one is offended, this guideline is in place for the uploading and usage of images and image contents.

Uploading images can be done at the Upload file page. How to do this can be found at the Image help section. However, some images are subject to immediate deletion if they are determined to serve no purpose, are offensive/inappropriate, or are against The Fast and the Furious Wiki's productive spirit.

Images that can be Deleted

An image uploaded to The Fast and the Furious Wiki can be deleted if it is...

  • Obscene- The Fast and the Furious Wiki is not a censored website, and the target audience for the The Fast and the Furious Wiki universe is above thirteen years and and older (in consideration with its PG-13 Rating). However, all images that contain obscenities such as pornography, graphic real-world violence, or sexual acts are not permissible on the site, or on userpages. The creator and developers of The Fast and the Furious did not produce such images, and thus they have no place on the site. These images also have great potential to offend other users. Repeatedly uploading such images can be grounds for blocking for vandalism as part of The Fast and the Furious Wiki's Blocking Policy.
  • Unused- The Fast and the Furious Wiki is not a repository for images that are unrelated to The Fast and the Furious and unusable on article pages. Images that are uploaded by users for individual userpages will be added to their userpage and organized into an [[:Category:Images|Image Category]] for proper use. If an image is not related to The Fast and the Furious whatsoever, is then uploaded and not used, it will be deleted.
  • Duplicate- The Fast and the Furious Wiki's image categories were created and organized so that users could find desired images relatively quickly and so that duplicate images are not uploaded. Though The Fast and the Furious Wiki has unlimited space for images and articles, duplicate images create confusion and make organization difficult. Duplicate images that are uploaded will be deleted and redirected to the original image.
  • Copyright Violations- Material copied from sources that are not public domain or compatibly licensed without the permission of the copyright holder (unless brief quotation used in accordance with non-free content policy and guideline) is likely to be a copyright violation. For more information about copyright, visit Project:Copyrights.