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"The Girl"[1] is a minor character in Turbo-Charged Prelude.


Turbo-Charged Prelude

When Brian O'Conner enters the diner, he sits across from the girl. In his haste to hide the newspaper reporting his AWOL status in the LAPD and his face from police entering the diner, he draws her attention. The girl watches Brian leave the diner.

Later at a motel, Brian's Dodge Stealth is identified by the police. When he tries to make a hasty escape, he bumps into the girl, who pretends not to know him. She approaches her car, which is somewhere near Brian's apprehended Dodge.[1]

She leaves the motel and manages to catch up with Brian a ways down the road. She offers him a ride and they drive through the night. In the morning, she drops him off a car dealership. When Brian turns to thank her, he spots the news paper he was reading in the diner. The girl smiles at him and departs from the car dealership.[1]