The Racer's Edge is automotive specialty store located in Los Angeles[1] that sells high performance parts for cars.


The Fast and the Furious

While undercover, Brian O'Conner was employed by the store's manager, Harry. The Racer's Edge is a popular location for street racers, largely on account of Dominic Toretto's reputation on the street. Dominic Toretto also purchases automotive parts from the store as well, which in turn generates lucrative business as his fans often buy everything under the hood of Dominic's cars and they pay in cash.[1]

Brian presumably worked at The Racer's Edge for the same length in time he frequented the Toretto's Market & Cafe. When a fight between himself and Vince broke out, Dominic preemptively fired Brian for creating causing trouble. When Brian returns to the store, Harry finishes talking to Dominic, telling Dominic that he owes him, Harry have told Dominic that good help is hard to find. Brian, who gets to keep his job, requests NOS for the upcoming race Dom would participate in.[1]




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