The Runway Chase was the unsuccessful attempt by Owen Shaw's Team to escape with the Nightshade device via airplane, however there attempt was stopped by Dominic Toretto and his crew.


Following the failure of Owen Shaw from stealing the computer chip from a stolen tank, Letty Ortiz has defected back to her family and Riley Hicks reveals her true intentions, working with Owen. With the pieces for the Nightshade device now in their hands, after being set free by holding Mia Toretto hostage, Owen plans to escape and build the nightshade device under Cipher's orders.

The Chase

Knowing that they can't let him escape, the team chases after him and follow him to an army base where a cargo plane lands where Shaw intends to board and flee Spain. With Luke Hobbs, Tej Parker, and Roman Pearce in one car, and Han Seoul-Oh and Gisele Yashar in another, they stop Owen's team from boarding the plane allowing for Dominic Toretto, Brian O'Conner, and Letty Ortiz to board. Letty fights off Riley, and Brian flees with Mia in an Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Letty is able to kill Riley by forcing her out of the plane with a harpoon given to her by Hobbs, who has boarded the plane, and Hobbs and Toretto fight Owen and Klaus.

After successfully taking out Klaus. Han, Gisele, Roman and Tej are able to harpoon their cars to the plane, however the weight of the plane forces their cars off the ground. When a member of Owen's team attempts to attack Gisele, Han stops him and grabs Gisele as she falls, exclaiming that he has her. However when she sees a member of Owen's team is about to kill Han, she releases her grasp and shoots him, sacrificing herself for Han in the process. Han grabs the team member and kills him by throwing him through one of the plane's engines.

As Brian and Mia harpoon the Alfa to the plane they start pulling it down. Hobbs and Letty flee into Roman and Tej's car, but Dom spots Owen trying to escape so he follows him to the car and wounds him before stealing the computer chip. When the plane comes down, it seems all hope is lost, but Dom is able to break through the wall of the plane in his Charger and escape. Although becoming engulfed in flames, he walks free from the wreckage and returns the computer chip to Hobbs who tells the team to name their price.


After successfully regaining the chip, Dom and his team are given their pardons and their records are clear, allowing them to return to Los Angeles. As they enjoy a barbecue together, Dom realises it'll take time for Letty to get her memory back. As Roman says grace the family enjoy their new normal.

However, in Tokyo, Han is fleeing from Takeshi with Sean Boswell and Neela, unaware that someone in a 1992 Mercedes S-Klasse is following him. The driver follows Han to an intersection and T-Bones him. The driver steps out and it is revealed to be Deckard Shaw, brother of Owen, who is avenging the attack on his brother by killing the family. As Shaw walks from the wreckage, he calls Dom and announces that he doesn't know him, but is about to. Han's car blows up, seemingly killing him with event to follow in Furious 7.

However, with events to follow in Fast & Furious 9, it is revealed that Han somehow survived the attack and is still alive.

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