The CT17 virus, also known as The Snowflake or The Unicorn, is a lethal pathogen created by Eteon, capable of eradicating half of the global population.

When MI6 agent Hattie Shaw steals the Snowflake and injects it in herself, Eteon's super soldier Brixton Lore is dispatched to secure the virus.


The Snowflake virus was first created by Professor Andreiko as a means to deliver vaccines. However, his employer, Eteon, believed humanity was weak and that it needed to evolve through elimination of the weak. Eteon reprogrammed the virus to eradicate half the global population, forcing MI6 to undergo a mission to steal it, causing agent Hattie Shaw to self-administer the virus into her system.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Samoa, in which The Snowflake was safely extracted from Hattie's body, it was delivered into CIA custody.[1]


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