The Theft of The Snowflake was a mission enacted by MI6 to acquire Eteon's pathogen virus while apprehending its protective guards. Despite Eteon assigning their super soldier Brixton Lore to assassinate the agents and secure the vial, the virus was stolen and self-administered by agent Hattie Shaw, sparking a global manhunt.


Eteon, a secretive company with global outreach and vast resources, commissioned Professor Andreiko to create a pathogen capable of delivering vaccines. However, after the serum's completion, Eteon reprogrammed it into a virus, dubbed "The Snowflake", capable of eliminating half of the human population, those whom Eteon deemed weak. Eteon believed that humanity needed to evolve beyond their frail physical weaknesses, adopting transhumanism as their new path, combining technology and machinery with humans. To this degree, they developed super soldiers, by implanting machinery, technological and electrical inputs and grafting mechanical prosthetics onto humans to grant them superhuman abilities.[1]


Hobbs&Shaw-Trailer (67)

Hattie Shaw begins the mission

MI6 soon became aware of The Snowflake's existence but were unaware of who created it. After managing to track The Snowflake's position, the agency ordered a group of agents to infiltrate the facility and to obtain the virus, although with the added stipulation that they were to use electrical rounds on the soldiers guarding the virus, in order to interrogate them afterwards. After subduing all of the men, agent Hattie Shaw was sent into the convoy to extract and secure the virus.


Brixton Lore ambushes the MI6 mission

However, Eteon dispatched super soldier Brixton Lore to assassinate the agents and retrieve The Snowflake. As Brixton murdered the other agents, Hattie took the opportunity to escape from the facility, although not before injecting herself with the virus.[1]


Hobbs&Shaw-Trailer (40)

Hattie Shaw goes incognito

Using one of the agent's radios to impersonate him, Brixton Lore informs the MI6 that Hattie Shaw attacked the other agents before fleeing with the virus, causing Hattie to become a fugitive. This prompts the MI6 to declare Hattie a traitor and order a kill order on the agent, causing her to become a fugitive. The CIA, however, wish for Hattie to be taken in alive, with the intent to grant her immunity in exchange for possession of The Snowflake, and assign agents Loeb and Locke to enlist the aid of ex-agent Deckard Shaw and DSS agent Luke Hobbs.[1]


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