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"I was born to win! I'm a Toretto! This is my destiny!"
―Tony Toretto[src]

Anthony “Tony” Toretto is a street racer, the cousin of Dominic, Jakob, Fernando, and Mia Toretto and the protagonist of Fast & Furious: Spy Racers.


Spy Racers

Born a Toretto

"You're looking at a ten-second car, my friend. I'm about to break Dom's record, set on this very road, becoming the next great street racer."
―Tony Toretto[src]

In Los Angeles, Tony drives up to his friends on a street, informing them that the car is a ten-second car and that he is about to beat the record his cousin Dominic Toretto set on that very street, and by doing so becoming the next greatest street racer. His friends, comprising of Echo, Cisco Renaldo and Frostee Benson, remind Tony that he has said the same thing in the past, only to not succeed. A car then pulls up, driven by a street racer named Mitch, who is interested in Echo, although she does not reciprocate. Mitch has added rockets to the back of his car, but despite this, Tony believes he can beat him, clarifying that according to Dom, the type of driver mattered more than the type of car. Tony proposes they have a street race, with the loser washing the other's car. The race ends with Mitch winning, although he finds himself unable to stop once he activates the rockets and ends up crashing as a result.

Tony is upset that he lost to Mitch once again, but at that moment, Dominic Toretto himself shows up. Dom tells Tony that as a Toretto, he is born to win, but that being a Toretto wasn't about what he did in a car but with what was in his heart. Dom inquires whether Tony's car could make it back home, to which Cisco, a mechanic, replies that while it would not win any races (its fuel pump is loose and is being held by a piece of chewing gum), it would be able to make the trip back home. As Dom walks away, telling Tony that there's something he wants to tell him about at home, a van pulls up with masked men who subsequently kidnap Dom. Tony gets in his car and decides to give pursuit, with Echo and Cisco doing so as well; since Frostee is only thirteen, he rides with Cisco, although he uses his technical expertise to have a drone follow the van at all times so that they can track Dom's whereabouts. Their attempts to follow the van are hindered when they are chased by a group of bikers, prompting them to all split up. Tony's attempts to shake off his followers begin to go awry when his fuel pump becomes loose again. Knowing that he cannot drive at this speed much longer, he sees a group of low-riding cars going up and down and decides to speed through them as they go up; as the cars lower, it hits the bikers, leaving Tony free to follow the drone's tracking signal.

The gang find themselves outside a warehouse, where the signal has led them. Cisco cautions Tony against rushing in, citing that they do not know what is in there, only for Tony to reply that Dom is in there and to kick in the door. The group find themselves facing none other than Dom and a woman who has been timing them, whom Dom refers to as "Ms. Nowhere". Dom explains that he wasn't actually kidnapped, citing that a group of guys would not be able to do so and that it would take an army, and that the whole endeavor was a test; Ms. Nowhere, whose organization Dom has worked with in the past, needs a group of street racers to infiltrate SH1FT3R, a criminal organization who hosts street races to serve as cover for its massive heists, with its leader Shashi Dhar already haven stolen over three billion dollars from Silicon Valley's richest men. Tony wonders why they need them when Dom is there, to which Dom laughingly responds that he cannot go undercover as he would recognized instantly, and that a group of new street racers are needed, hence why he recommended Tony and his friends. As Tony agrees, Dom tells him not to just follow orders but to follow his gut. As he leaves, he warns Ms. Nowhere that SH1FT3R would be the least of her worries if she does not keep Tony safe.

Tony gleefully asks Ms. Nowhere if this means that the government would be paying for his car's new fuel pump, and she tells him that he would need much more than, revealing that SH1FT3R races allow the racers to use rockets, grappling hooks and smoke cannons, adding that "anything goes." She discloses that notable street racer Layla Gray is SH1FT3R's recruiter and that she hosts their races in Los Angeles, but that they don't know where or when these races take place. She hands them a list of clients of local suppliers and car customizers, believing that one of the clients should be an eligible racer, although Tony replies that they don't need the list as they already know of one person who would definitely attend – Mitch. Tony and Frostee locate Mitch outside a taco cart, with Tony ruining his tacos by knocking them on the ground along with his soda and by attempting to clean him with a soap bucket and a rag, claiming he was living up to his promise of washing Mitch's car for losing their race. As Mitch attempts to rebuff Tony's actions, he is unaware that his phone has been stolen, hacked and cloned by Frostee. Frostee places Mitch's phone back in his pocket without Mitch knowing and leaves with Tony to return back to the government warehouse, allowing Ms. Nowhere's employee Gary to sift through the data.

Much to the crew's surprise, Ms. Nowhere calls off the operation after discovering that the race is being held that very night and that eligible drivers need a retinal scan to confirm their ID as well as a special implanted chip in their cars. She explains that she assumed it would take weeks to locate the time and place of a race and that the kids would be given training in those weeks, only for them to discover the time and place of the race in a mere two hours. Tony protests that he could still win if they let him attend, although she reveals that building a car with the implanted codes would take 48 hours. She then elects to use surveillance drones to merely observe the racing event in secret. With the operation being called off, the crew leave the building, only for Tony to inform them that as a Toretto, he follows his gut over orders and that he was going to try to find a way to participate and win in the race. Echo then discloses that she stole Ms. Nowhere's purse, which contains several gadgets that Nowhere had shown off to her while Tony and Frostee had left to clone Mitch's phone. She claims that she was just "borrowing" it, and Tony replies that they would also have to "borrow" a car.

The crew splits into groups of two: Tony and Frostee are assigned with zip-lining off of a building and into SH1FT3R's offices, where they would use a sandalwood spray to knock out the computer work and hack into the retinal scan database. Cisco and Echo are tasked with tracking down Mitch and using an EMP to disable his car, after which they'd tow it away and steal it. However, a nervous Cisco activates the EMP inside their own vehicle, shutting it down in traffic. As the light ahead had turned red and Mitch was idling there, Echo improvises by leaving Cisco's vehicle and approaching Mitch's, telling him to get out of his car, only to get in and drive it away. Mitch protests, but as she drives away, he asks if she would call him. Cisco's EMP wears off and he gets back in his vehicle and heads to where the race is being held. At the computer room, Tony prepares to use the spray to knock out the worker, only to render himself unconscious. However, Frostee is able to spray it the correct way, and is free to use the computer. Tony, who regains conscious, leaves Frostee to hack the retinal scan and heads outside, where Echo pulls up, giving him Mitch's car. She gets into the passenger seat as Cisco gets in the back as they drive up to the gate, where security begins verifying them.

The agency's surveillance drone reveals the crew in Mitch's car, much to Ms. Nowhere's surprise, and she realizes that her tactical purse is missing. The security guard scans Mitch's car, which houses an eligible chip, and he approaches Tony to perform a retinal scan. At that moment, Frostee successfully changes Mitch's photo ID to that of Tony's, and Tony is granted access. As the others exit the car to watch the race and observe, Tony drives up to the starting line and Layla Gray speaks to them. Layla explains that only one of tonight's racers would be accepted into SH1FT3R, stating that she hopes the other racers are insured. However, she also adds that one of tonight's racers is a mystery man and that she would therefore participate in tonight's race to find out who he is. She then pulls up next to Tony and, while greeting him as Mitch, indicates that she knows he is not really Mitch, and Tony gulps as the race nears commencement.[1]

Enter SH1FT3R

"I just realized we're undercover with a bunch of criminals, and if they find out your lives are on the line. I don't know, it's kinda crazy."
"We just dislodged a 70,000 pound trailer at 80 miles an hour. We know crazy."
―Tony Toretto and Cisco Renaldo[src]

The race begins as the six drivers make their way through the course. Layla asks Tony who he is and why he crashed their race, although Tony responds that it was because he wasn't invited. While Tony is deterred and sent back to last place, he makes his way to first and ties with Layla as they both spin past the finish line at the same time. Tony exists Mitch's vehicle and declares himself to be the winner, only for the security guards to apprehend his friends. Layla then declares she will punish them for their actions, only for Shashi Dhar himself to appear, telling her to ease off and informing her that the mystery racer is none other Tony Toretto. Tony is shocked that he was recognized, and Shashi elaborates that he recognized Dominic Toretto's driving and that Tony possesses the same instincts. Shashi is further impressed when Tony divulges that he knows who Shashi as well, citing that nothing happens on his streets that he is unaware of. Shashi then iterates that he thought the streets were Layla's and that nothing happened without her knowing about it, and decides to invite Tony Toretto's Crew to the after party.

At the party, Shashi and Tony discuss further, with Tony claiming that all he wants to do is race and win money, which Shashi approves of, stating that he loves the hustle. Tony ends up angering Layla after claiming once more that he won the race, to which Shashi states that they should consider it a tie. Shashi then divulges how he raced through the Sahara, on the streets of India and on the Arctic ice caps, and learned that while good drivers are a dime a dozen, good people were worth their weight in gold. He then adds that while SH1FT3R could be a dream, betrayal would become a nightmare, which Tony shrugs off.

As they walk downstairs, Tony introduces his crew and their areas of expertise to Shashi. As Echo skates by, he tells Shashi that Echo built an electric car that could outrun most tuners, and points out Cisco, who is eating, calling him their resident mechanic and a lover of food, prompting Shashi to state that he would get along well with Nacho and Rollie. He points out Frostee, who hacked into his network, who is speaking with Jun, Shashi's tech specialist. Tony then asks if he is officially a part of SH1FT3R yet, and Shashi informs him that there is one more obstacle. He reveals that he has a bet with a rival crew leader named Scadan, with the bet being that Scadan would not successfully transport a cargo truck of soft drinks from Canada to the Mexican border. Shashi notifies Tony that if he and his crew successfully stop Scadan, then they would be brought into SH1FT3R, although not before adding that Scadan most likely has deployed security measures to protect his cargo.

Tony and his crew head en route and locate the truck, which they are able to do so by enlisting the aid of Ms. Nowhere and Gary. Frostee uses drones which he implants next to Scadan's truck's rear-view mirrors, effectively projecting a hologram on the mirrors that renders them 'invisible'. However, as Tony boards the truck's exterior, a bumpy road dislodges the hologram emitters and Scadan is made aware of the heist. While sending someone on top to handle the issue, Tony prepares to fight him using a gadget glove, although he drops it on the road. Using his agility and a harpoon, he is able to avoid being struck and successfully detaches the cargo truck. Echo disables one of the two security cars while Cisco rams the other one out with his truck, and manages to hitch the liberated cargo. The group then drive back to the government warehouse.

At the warehouse, Tony takes in the fact that he has brought his friends undercover into a criminal organization where their lives are in jeopardy should they be found out, although his friends dismiss it, citing that they are his family and that they would be there with him to watch his back. Ms. Nowhere then appears with Gary, informing them that while she did not like that they took an op without her approval nor did she approve of the means, she was grateful for the mission's success, and provided them with binders, stating that she would be placing them in a beginner's spy course. However, Echo tells her that they are doing much for her and demand something in return, with Frostee suggesting that they spruce up the warehouse. Ms. Nowhere then gives them a government credit card to purchase ferns and a cat calendar, although the crew splurge, purchasing a boxing ring and a mechanical bull among other things. Layla then pays them a visit at the warehouse to hand Tony a device, congratulating him on joining SH1FT3R. However, before she can leave, she spots the bull; noticing her interest, Tony offers to let her ride on it, disclosing that he holds the current record for lasting six seconds, although Layla scoffs at the low time and rides the bull herself, cheering and yipping.[2]

Ghost Town Grand Prix

"You're not living up to the Toretto name, Tony! Dom would be so disappointed."
"Sorry, Echo, he's totally leaving his outside open. I gotta pass him."
Shashi Dhar and Tony Toretto[src]

The crew are given a tech hauler by Ms. Nowhere's organization and are driven by Cisco Renaldo to a ghost town where where SH1FT3R is holding a race. Nowhere tells Tony that his obstacle is not to win the race but to follow Shashi Dhar, reminding him that Shashi uses the SH1FT3R races as cover for his heists and that the upcoming race would also be indicative of a new heist. At the racetrack, Layla meets up with Tony and introduces him to some of the racers present. Shashi then shows up, and after speaking with Tony and his crew, addresses the other racers and kicks off the race.

Tony believes he can win the race, although he is constantly told that his mission isn't to win but to tail Shashi. Monitoring the course through the hauler's computers, Echo notices that there are train tracks in the vicinity. As there are no cameras in the mines, Frostee Benson and Cisco drive down there so that Frostee can use his Bat-Drones in order to use their echolocation abilities to scope out the mines. Back at the race, Tony follows Shashi into the mines but notices that there is ample room to pass him and cannot bring himself to miss the opportunity to pass him and enter first place; as he does so, Layla hits him and causes him to go down an alternate mine shaft, which results in him crashing and having his vehicle wedged in. Echo tells Frostee and Cisco, who are also in the mines, to head to his location and free him.

Shashi and Layla use a secret route blocked by fire to exit the mines and reemerge outside, where the train tracks are. They drive onto the tracks and behind a train, boarding the train's exterior and preparing to steal one of the compartments with the help of Jun, who is flying a helicopter. Shashi believed that the train would be empty, although it is defended by security guards. Layla tells Shashi to take the cargo and flee while she stays behind to deal with the guards. While Shashi attaches himself to the train compartment and is airlifted by the helicopter, Layla jumps and grabs his hand, although she slips and falls back on the train, which is now malfunctioning and about to fall off a cliff. At that moment, Tony drives up to the front of the train and, reversing his car, collides head-on with it, using his car's traction spike wheels to slow down the train to a halt before it can fall.

The train stops and Layla gets off, although she scoffs that she had planned to jump off at the right moment and did not need his help before getting in her car and driving off. Shashi, Layla and Tony then return back to town, where Shashi demands to know why Tony was following him. Tony replies that he did not come to race the others and that as a Toretto, he knew there was a score going on and wanted in on the action. Shashi then laughs and tells him that he has an upcoming heist that could use the Toretto touch before departing.

Back at their warehouse, Ms. Nowhere berates the crew for failing to stop Shashi from successfully pulling off his heist, although Frostee informs her that he managed to put a tracker on the cargo box and that they would be tracking where it ends up.[3]

The Owl Job

"Why'd you give me the credit?"
"I'd still be being pooped on if not for you."
"Without the crystal we wouldn't have the codes."
"Maybe we're a good team."
Layla Gray and Tony Toretto[src]

Layla Gray pays Tony a visit at his warehouse and notifies him that Shashi Dhar wishes to meet up with him at the other end of town. Tony wonders why Layla drove all the way to the warehouse to personally deliver the message rather than simply calling him, but realizes she did it as it was an opportunity for the two of them to race one another across town. The race ends with Layla narrowly winning, much to Tony's disappointment.

Shashi informs the pair that a Russian oligarch and high-end arms dealer named Sudarikov possesses certain codes which he wishes to buy, although Sudarikov refuses to sell it to him. As a result, Shashi wishes for Tony and Layla to work together and steal the codes from Sudarikov's apartment. Tony prepares to return to the warehouse and prepare his crew, only for Shashi to state that his crew wouldn't be involved and that the mission would involve just him and Layla. Tony drives away and returns to the warehouse to inform his crew, as well as Ms. Nowhere and Gary, about Shashi's mission, and mentions that as Shashi would not be home, they could infiltrate his mansion and search for the 'keys' he has been stealing.

Tony and Layla stand outside Sudarikov's building as Shashi drives up to Sudarikov in his Macallister Motors Superfin, informing Sudarikov that it is a rare, one of a kind car. Shashi allows Sudarikov to take the car for a spin, sitting in the passenger seat, as Layla and Tony infiltrate the building through the elevator shaft. Inside Sudarikov's apartment, Tony notices an owl with a jeweled necklace, and begins to tell Layla about how his aunt nearly got her house burned down after a ribs incident but how Dominic Toretto had rushed into the blaze to save her pet bird. Layla asks Tony why he talks so much but iterates that a bird is not a pet while a dog is, prompting Tony to ask her what kind of dog she had. Layla asks Tony if he's stalking her and asks him why he wants to know, and he replies that she is paranoid and that he is just trying to get to know her better as Layla explains that she is a lone wolf, criminal type. The pair then head to Sudarikov's computers, as Layla tries to see whether Sudarikov's computers have any high-level encryption in place that would suggest the codes are located there.

Back at Shashi's mansion, Cisco, Echo, and Frostee spot multiple cars, which they are all impressed with, although Nowhere communicates with them and tells them to focus on finding the 'keys'. The trio begin looking for USBs or hard drives, and Frostee, noticing a crystal, suggests that perhaps the crystal contains the keys, revealing that crystals can hold a lot of data nowadays. Tony, who is connected to them through his earpiece, realizes that the jewel the owl had on its necklace is a data crystal and decides they should go back for it. However, Sudarikov finishes his drive, having used a harpoon to hook onto a police car and having sped away from a police chase. Shashi offers to trade Sudarikov the car for the codes, although Sudarikov notifies Shashi that he only led Shashi on so that he could drive his car and that he would not sell the codes. As Sudarikov begins to return to his apartment, Shashi informs Layla and Tony to abort their mission and escape.

While Layla prepares to escape, Tony takes one of her diamond earrings and returns to where the owl is, swapping its data crystal with the diamond earring. As Sudarikov enters the apartment, Tony hides out on the balcony, although the owl, named Sova, indicates to Sudarikov that it wishes to go to the balcony. This prompts Tony to go over the balcony, although he begins to lose his grip. Sova begins defecating on him, although Layla shows up, rappelling on the side of the building. She offers Tony her hand, although Tony falls from the balcony, prompting her to jump after him and catch him. As he thanks her for saving him, he asks where Shashi is, and Layla responds that he went back home. Tony then alerts the rest of his crew that Shashi is on his way back and tells them to get out of there.

In order to stall him, he calls Shashi and invites him to come out and celebrate with them, confirming that they retrieved the codes, although he gives the sole credit to Layla. Shashi is enthusiastic about the victory and is unaware as Cisco, Echo, and Frostee sneak out of his house. Layla then asks Tony why he gave her the sole credit, and he explains that it was because she saved him. As he leaves, she tells him about the dog she used to have. Returning back at the warehouse, Ms. Nowhere tells the crew that their mission wasn't an entire failure as stealing the codes from Sudarikov prevented him from selling them in exchange for weapons of mass destruction, and Tony states that they did good.[4]

The Celestial Vault

"Tony Toretto and his crew are working for the feds."
"I thought you said they had no idea, Mr."Deep Cover"."
"Huh. Maybe espionage isn't my thing."
Shashi Dhar, Tony Toretto and Ms. Nowhere[src]

Inside the warehouse, Tony, Cisco Renaldo and Echo are fixing Tony's car when Layla Gray arrives to inform them that Shashi Dhar is hosting a SH1FT3R race atop Mount Zebulon, a private mountain owned by billionaire Delwyn Usk, revealing that the codes they stole from Sudarikov unlocked the security for mountain. Echo and Cisco wonder what Shashi would be heisting, although Layla clarifies that Shashi is genuinely racing and not stealing anything, and would like Echo and Cisco to participate in the race as well, much to their surprise.

The crew inform Ms. Nowhere and Gary about their invitation, which Ms. Nowhere is apprehensive of as she does not believe Layla's assertion that a heist would not be taking place. Tony attempts to convince her by stating that he is well-trusted by Layla and Shashi and that he has succeeded every mission Shashi has given him, only for Ms. Nowhere to point out that he had only done one mission for Shashi. Nowhere points out that there are satellites located on the top of the mountain and that a heist could very well take place; Frostee and Cisco reveal that they looked into Usk and that he is well-connected to the other men Shashi robbed, although Tony dismisses the connection as merely wealthy people knowing one another. Regardless, he adds that he would stick close to Shashi during the race in case he tries to steal a key but once again adds that there would be no heist taking place during the mountain race. Frostee is excited to be a passenger as his friends drive up the mountain but is rejected by Nowhere, who states that she would not be placing a thirteen year old in a situation with no operational security.

The crew heads to the base of Mount Zebulon, where Shashi gives a speech about how he used to go camping with his parents on the mountain before they passed away. He then tells the racers and guests that it is wrong for someone to buy a whole mountain and close it off as private property, especially in America, land of the free. Shashi then drives up the mountain, where he is stopped by armed guards and a gate. However, Shashi uses weapons to destroy the gate, causing the guards to flee, and he drives through the entrance with the others racers following him, officially starting the race. However, as the race begins and Shashi and Layla take the lead, Shashi announces to everyone that federal agents are on their tail and that Tony and his crew are working for the feds, divulging that they broke into his house, went through his stuff and even ate his frozen yogurt. He then tells the other racers that he will give a million dollars to any driver who successfully manages to send Tony or one of his crew members off the mountain.

The SH1FT3R racers immediately focus on knocking Echo, Cisco and Tony off the mountain, and while Echo and Cisco are able to avoid peril, Tony finds difficulty in evading their onslaught. One of the racers dislodges a smoke bomb to blind him, although Frostee manages to warn him that the mountain is curving ahead, allowing Tony to save himself from racing off the mountain, and Echo and Cisco come to his aid. Layla is shocked that Tony is working for the government and that she was fooled but tells Shashi that he deserves whatever is coming his way as retribution. Shashi and Layla continue their way up the mountain, and despite Nowhere's orders that they retreat and her decision to call in air support, Tony tells her that they cannot abort and that they would simply have to make it to the top.

The crew notices that the satellite dishes on top of the mountain are being interacted with and that Shashi is responsible. Unable to hack into the satellites remotely, Frostee, against warnings and orders from his friends and Ms. Nowhere, uses his propeller jetpack to leave the hauler and fly to the top of the mountain. However, as he lands next to the satellites and prepares to manually override Shashi's control, he is confronted by unknown people. Shashi, Layla, Tony, Echo, and Cisco, among other drivers, make their way to the top of the mountain, and Shashi tells Tony that he is glad the latter made it all the way to the top, while Layla slaps Tony for his betrayal. Shashi then calls down a rocket from outer space, informing the crowd that Delwyn Usk had sent the rocket's cargo into space, he had never estimated that it could still be stolen. Layla asks why Shashi never told her that he was planning a heist on the mountain and he explains that it was because she confirmed that Tony was solid and thus was not sure if he could trust her.

The rocket lands and opens, revealing itself to be a car, and Tony realizes that the cars are the keys Shashi was stealing, remember the cars from the footage Frostee had taken of Shashi's secret vault. Shashi admits that the federal agents know of him now and thus he has a target on his back, and addresses the other SH1FT3R racers to tell them that they would all have to be on the run, but states that they would be outlaws and that it would be exciting. As the federal agents begin to reach the mountain, Tony tells Shashi that he has no way off the mountain, although Shashi replies that he would never drive up a mountain without having a plan for getting off. He then reveals that his men have captured Frostee, whom he takes as an insurance policy with him as he, along with Layla, are airlifted off the mountain by Jun; Cisco attempts to save Frostee but fails as Tony tells Nowhere not to shoot at Shashi since Frostee is with them.[5]

The Final Key

"We steal the key car from Ms. Nowhere and give it to Shashi in exchange for Frostee. What do you think?"
"That might actually work. But are you cool with giving Shashi the final key to a super weapon?"
"We don't have a choice. Frostee is family."
―Tony Toretto and Echo[src]

Ms. Nowhere and her crew are removing all of the possessions in the crew's warehouse since they paid for them and the operation has officially been terminated. Gary notifies Nowhere that Tony, Cisco Renaldo, and Echo have entered the premises just as they arrive, and Nowhere laments that she wanted them to gather their belongings and leave before the trio showed up as she did not want to explain. The crew lament that they have discovered that the cars are the keys and that they should rescue Frostee Benson, and while Nowhere claims that she does want to save Frostee, she would do it in time and that, with their covers blown, the operation was over. As she leaves, she takes their cars with them, citing that cars were property of the U.S. government since they paid for the vehicular upgrades, but that they would ship the cars back at the crew's expense once they finished stripping the cars of the upgrades.

Layla Gray then shows up, informing Tony that she left Shashi Dhar and SH1FT3R after Shashi took Frostee as a hostage, claiming that Shashi crossed a line in doing so. Tony refuses to believe that she has switched allegiances, but Layla reveals that she knows what Shashi's plans are: together, the five key cars open a vault that contains a weapon known as Skeleton Key inside. Just then, Nowhere and her federal agents return to apprehend Layla and take her into custody, explaining that Skeleton Key is a myth. When Tony asks what it is, Nowhere and Gary explain that it is a device that could reportedly control any technology in its radius, Gary elaborating that its wielder could unleash an apocalyptic catastrophe. Nowhere then reveals that the last key car is in military possession, as billionaire Cleve Kelso hired the government to protect it after the other key cars were stolen, and adds that she is on her way to destroy it so that Shashi can not obtain it.

As the federal agents leave with Layla, the crew return to the empty warehouse, where Cisco muses that he would do anything to save Frostee, adding that while Frostee could be annoying at times, he still misses him. Tony then comes up with the idea of stealing Kelso's key car from the military base and delivering it to Shashi in exchange for Frostee. Echo agrees to help along with Cisco, but asks Tony if it is wise to deliver the final key to a weapon to Shashi, which Tony claims they must do since Frostee is family. Tony then wonders how they can locate Nowhere and the key car although Echo immediately locates her, explaining that Nowhere uses an app to keep track of her fitness steps but that the app also sends out her location.

Since they do not have vehicles or the technological capabilities to pull off the heist, Tony contacts Shashi and offers to steal the car and deliver it to him in exchange for Frostee, which Shashi agrees to. However, Tony adds that he needs Frostee behind a computer providing them with tech support so that they can pull off the heist. The trio head to the fringes of the military black site, and Tony and Cisco wait outside the perimeter while a vehicle enters the property. Mitch is revealed to be the driver, having been roped into the mission by Echo, who is hiding underneath his car. The sudden intruder prompts the guards of the base to send a driver to apprehend Mitch, and Mitch allows the military's vehicle to align right behind his so that Echo can attach herself to the military vehicle's undercarriage. As she does so, Mitch activates a rocket booster and leaves the base, prompting the vehicle to return back to base, which allows Echo to bypass the entrance security and successfully enter the premises.

Echo disguises herself in a garb similar to Ms. Nowhere as Frostee accesses the cameras of the base, revealing Layla to be held in a room as solitary confinement. Echo is nearly stopped and questioned by one of the guards, although she is able to scare him off by threatening to release scientifically-altered bees. Echo is able to make her way inside and allow Frostee an extra degree of technological control, and she ushers Tony and Cisco into the base. Echo gives Tony and Cisco Army uniforms as a disguise, although Cisco rips the sleeves off as the outfit is too hot for him. Cisco, impersonating the soldiers, attempts to gain access to a room, but his hand-print does not work. However, a nearby soldier, noticing his sweaty arms, believes that the sweat is the reason Cisco cannot gain access and uses his own hand instead, after which Echo knocks him out.

With Frostee guiding them, Cisco and Echo head towards their hauler, Cisco taking possession of the hauler while Echo retrieves her car. Echo then creates a diversion, blasting music and detonating explosive as she drives around the base, drawing the guards away from Kelso's key car, which has yet to be destroyed. Tony then makes his way to the car but is attacked and tasered by Ms. Nowhere, who had anticipated his participation. She then exclaims that she would destroy the car and that he would go to jail, only for her to be struck by Layla, who had escaped her confinement. Layla tells Tony to get the car and leave, offering to fight Nowhere. Layla and Nowhere begin their duel and Tony gets into the car. Finding himself unable to abandon Layla, Layla is forced to activate the mechanism Nowhere had in place to destroy the car, giving Tony no alternative but to drive the car out of its hangar.

With Tony, Echo and Cisco driving their vehicles around the base and evading pursuit, Frostee hacks into an airplane and begins to commandeer it remotely, much to Shashi's shock and surprise. Layla and Ms. Nowhere continue to fight on equal terms, but Layla is defeated when Ms. Nowhere tasers her. Leaving Layla on the ground, Ms. Nowhere is given a ride by Gary and they try to prevent the plane from taking off. Frostee causes the plane to head down the runway and to open its cargo doors, telling the crew to drive on. Echo and Cisco succeed, but Tony turns around to retrieve Layla, telling the others that he cannot leave her behind.

Tony drives to where Layla is, and she claims that she must be family to him as he came back for her, to which he tells her not to push it. Since the car only has the driver's seat, Layla sits on top of the car as Tony drives through the base, with Nowhere ordering the agents and soldiers to stop him. Laser-shooting drones are deployed to shoot the car, but Layla manages to destroy them with punches and kicks, paving the way for Tony to drive the car onto the plane just as it takes off the runway. As Tony, Layla, Cisco and Echo successfully escape from the military base with the key car, Nowhere tells her agents to get her jet.[6]


"Help me use Skeleton Key to unlock all the vaults in the world and give everything away. I'm about to create a world without rules. In a world like that, I'm going to need some real outlaws. I need a Toretto. You're not made for a life on a government leash. Come with me, Tony. Help me destroy this entire corrupt system and take out the man who murdered my parents."
"No. I can't. You've got it all wrong, Shashi. Family isn't about revenge. It's about helping each other. It's about healing. Destroy Skeleton Key and walk away from all this."
Shashi Dhar and Tony Toretto[src]

Tony, Layla Gray, Cisco Renaldo and Echo are struggling to find their footing as their plane is unable to remain steady, since Frostee Benson has never flown a real plane before and is having trouble with the turbulence. Shortly after managing to rectify the situation, another jet flies in behind them, flown by Gary. Ms. Nowhere orders them to land the plane and relinquish the key car, although Tony refuses and disconnects the call, wishing to save Frostee.

The gang witness Ms. Nowhere following them

Ms. Nowhere then uses a flight suit and jumps out of her jet to land on the crew's spy plane, where she begins to use her heels on the glass. Fearful that she may somehow enter the plane, Tony asks the crew if she has a parachute and then orders Frostee to get her off, which he does so by rolling the plane in mid-air until Nowhere is thrown off, forced to use her parachute.

Just at that moment, two military jets begin to tail the spy plane. General Dudley, now having retaken the military base, orders the jet to shoot the spy plane down. As the two military jets fire missiles, Tony asks Frostee if the spy plane has any defensive counterneasures, and Frostee replies that there is a cloaking mechanism. Gary, commandeering Ms. Nowhere's plane, informs her that the military has engaged weapons and asks her what he should do, and after a moment of reflection, she tells him to save the kids. Gary then deploys a craft that takes the hit from the missiles, and with the cover of the fiery explosion, Frostee manages to activate the spy plane's cloaking, allowing them to fly freely and safely.

As the spy plane lands, Echo mentions how they're about hand over the most powerful weapon in the world to Shashi, and Cisco mentions that he'd do whatever to free Frostee. Tony echoes the sentiment, stating that they would engage in no funny business and would trade the car for Frostee, but that they'd work on stopping Shashi after. Tony enlists Layla's help, telling her that she's the best driver he's ever met, but she replies that she's only here to get Frostee back and that she is not going to go against someone who can retrieve a car from space. Tony then tells Layla that as much as she likens herself to being a lone wolf, he believes she would run better with a pack.

Cisco, Tony and Echo in the desert

Tony, Echo and Cisco exit the spy plane and see Shashi with his two guards on the other side. Shashi demands to see the car only for Tony to demand that they show Frostee first. After seeing that Frostee is all right, Tony signals to Layla, who is in the spy plane, to drive out with the key car. Shashi allows Frostee to walk back to his crew as Layla drives up to him in the spy car; Shashi then tells Layla to get out of the car only for Layla to refuse, claiming that she is a lone wolf and that she is done taking orders. She then attempts to drive away from the scene but is unable to, as the car is remotely taken over and driven back near Shashi. The five key cars then align and begin opening a hole in the ground and everyone finds themselves being lowered into an underground vault.

Shashi then explains to a bewildered Tony that his parents were scientific geniuses who emigrated to the United States believing that they could use their talents to create a better life and a better world. However, his parents were used by five rich men, who used his parents to create Skeleton Key, a device that could control anything computerized. The five men used Skeleton Key for their own benefit, but not trusting one of them to possess it, built the vault and the five keys to lock the weapon away, and killed Shashi's parents to keep secret the existence of Skeleton Key.

Tony rejects Shashi's invitation

Now in possession of the Skeleton Key helmet, Shashi announces that he would build a new world and destroy the fortunes of those five men, and that he would go after one of them, Cleve Kelso, as he was the one who murdered his parents. Shashi extends an invitation to Tony to join him, believing that Tony would sympathize and ally with him due to Tony's credo of placing family first, but Tony refuses, citing that Shashi can't bring his parents back and that he would have to heal and not seek revenge.

Disappointed, Shashi prepares to use Skeleton Key to initiate his agenda when Tony attacks him, and the duo begin to brawl. Cisco and Echo engage in combat with Shashi's two guards while Frostee has an electronic video game fight with Jun. The fight is broken up when the military, led by General Dudley, arrives and places weaponized drones in front of them. In response, Shashi dons the Skeleton Key helmet and turns the army's helicopters and drones against them, prompting the military to flee.

Now with the power of Skeleton Key, Shashi and his team make their exit, planning to go to Las Vegas and drive in four of the five key cars; before leaving, he addresses the crew and tells one of them that the fifth car was meant to be theirs before causing the car to explode. As he drives away, Tony and Layla squabble on whom Shashi was referring to, Tony believing that Shashi was talking to him as Shashi had asked him to join his side and Layla believing he meant her as she was a former member of his team. Tony then declares that they have their spy plane and can still stop Shashi, but is reminded by Frostee that Shashi can control all of their stuff using Skeleton Key and that once he gets to Vegas, he would be able to tap into its power grid and amplify Skeleton Key's power, allowing him worldwide control.[7]

The Key to the Strip

"Dom, what are you doing here?"
"You know I'm always there for family."
"Thanks. I always wanted to be just like you. I guess I didn't realize what that really meant."
"But you stepped up and finished the job. And I'm proud of you."
―Tony Toretto and Dominic Toretto[src]

Tony asks Frostee Benson if he can hack into Skeleton Key, and Frostee replies that while he cannot, he can transmit a Trojan-horse virus that would shut down the helmet for ten seconds. Frostee adds that to transmit the malware he would require a powerful transmitter and a massive power source, with Layla Gray suggesting he use the antenna on top of Big Ben and Echo offering her car's top secret government battery. Layla, who was joking with her suggestion, tells them that they do not stand a chance as they do not have enough time, and elaborates that she isn't aware of Shashi Dhar's entire plan as she was only in SH1FT3R to race cars and steal stuff.

Tony then tells Echo to find radios so they can communicate and removes the technological components in his car so that Shashi cannot hack into it. Cisco Renaldo destroys the tech in his vehicle on a whim while Echo finds not only radios but a muscle car, stating that she doesn't have to remove anything with an old-school car. Layla, who has retrieved a motorcycle, informs Tony that she would be leaving. She explains that stopping Shashi would reinstate law and order, after which she would go to prison; when Tony adds that they need her, she replies that they need more than her and rides off.

Tony, Echo, Frostee and Cisco, arrived on the Strip as Shashi is about to make a move on Cleve Kelso. Shashi uses his Skeleton Key to hack their vehicles but is unable to do so, as they have removed the technological components. The hack affects Frostee's medallion, though, forcing Frostee to chuck it into the air moments before it explodes. Shashi leaves his two cohorts, Rollie and Nacho, to deal with Tony Toretto's Crew while he heads to Cleve's penthouse, although Tony and Echo take Rollie and Nacho out of commission.

Since he threw his medallion away, Frostee does not have a laser to solder the wires, prompting Echo, who is being chased by laser-drones, to jump out of her car, snag one of the drones, and pilot them towards Frostee. Meanwhile, Tony is attempting to make his way towards Shashi but is chased by a heat-seeking missile. He is saved by Layla, who drives by on her motorcycle with a flare to draw the missile towards her. As she turns into an adjacent street, the missile explodes, leaving Tony to fear the worst. Needing to move on with the mission, Tony tells Frostee to transmit the virus, and only having ten seconds, drives his car up the side of the buildings before crashing into Cleve's penthouse.

Tony exits from his car safely, cheering at his survival, when Shashi's Skeleton Key helmet comes back online, as the ten seconds have passed. Tony then fights with Shashi, granting Cleve an opportunity to escape. During their scuffle, Tony gains possession of Skeleton Key and dons the helmet, veering the weaponized drones towards Shashi. As Shashi cowers in fear, Tony catches his menacing reflection on a window and decides to finish the fight "Toretto-style", discarding the helmet and fighting Shashi physically. Echo makes her way to the main power grid and knocks Jun unconscious as Cleve emerges onto the street and triggers the explosives inside the building, as it was set for demolition.

Tony and Dominic Toretto reunite

Tony knocks Shashi unconscious just as the building begins to collapse; he buckles Shashi into the passenger seat of his car and throws the Skeleton Key helmet into the backseat before getting in the driver's seat. With no way to safely exit the collapsing building, Tony drives out of one of the windows in desperation; before he can plummet, however, he is snagged by a harpoon fired from an airplane and is towed into the plane. Now safely onboard the plane, Tony is shocked to see Dominic Toretto there. Dominic states that he would always be there for his family, and Tony says that he had always wanted to be like Dom but never realized what that truly meant, to which Dom replies that Tony still stepped up and finished the job and that he is proud of him.

Tony and Layla hug

The plane lands, allowing Tony to regroup with his friends, including Layla. Upon seeing that Layla is alive, Tony runs towards her and the pair share a tight hug. Tony then tells her that Shashi would be imprisoned for a while and that he could speak to Ms. Nowhere about keeping her out of prison. Layla politely declines Tony's offer of asking Nowhere for a reprieve and having to work with her spy agency, instead deciding to go on the run before someone arrests her, and bids Tony farewell as she rides off.

Tony steals Nowhere's jet using Skeleton Key

In the aftermath of the incident, Ms. Nowhere asks Tony what happened to Skeleton Key, and Tony leads her to believe that the helmet was in the building and was most likely destroyed in the demolition. She replies that it was most likely for the best, as the helmet would be too powerful in the wrong hands. Parting ways with Tony and his crew, Nowhere and Gary make their way to their plane only to find it missing. Nowhere and Gary then witness Tony and his crew, the former who is wearing the Skeleton Key helmet and has its design to a much cheerful one, using its powers to remote control her plane and steal it.

Tony relaxes in the middle of the ocean

The crew lands the plane in the middle of the ocean and enjoy a vacation, with Echo and Tony racing with water-skis while Cisco and Frostee enjoy the sun. Tony claims that they would enjoy the plane for one more week before returning it and Skeleton Key to Nowhere, while Frostee suggests that they fly to Japan first and visit the Yoka factory in order to try exclusive flavors, while Tony and Echo prepare to race once more.[8]


Escape from L.A.

Tony managed to grab hold of the helicopter Pizza Rave was escaping on with his car.

Tony and his crew chased a car, with him joining them by jumping from a jet. The teenagers chased the Sh1ft3r crew, who split up. After each of the teenagers took down the person they were following, they found "PizzaRave" had the hard drive, but she had managed to get away, with a helicopter picking her up. Tony raced in order to get to her, and was able to shoot a grappling hook from his car, which allowed him to board the helicopter. As he got in, he told PizzaRave to stand down, but she refused, shooting the grappling hook with a laser which sent his car to the ground, causing it to explode. In a sudden movement from the helicopter, Tony pushed PizzaRave out of the helicopter, but jumped after her with his wingsuit making her rescue possible.

With the GPS coordinates on the hard drive Tony Toretto's Crew was able to find stolen goods, and broke up SH1FT3R. As they celebrated, two men jumped from inside a big container. The man had a tattoo, which Gary stated had the possibility of representing a gang or just being cool. He was told by Ms. Nowhere to be quiet, and she also told the teenagers to forget about the incident.

Tony Toretto's Crew tried to convince Ms. Nowhere to let them go to Brazil.

Later, when the crew asked questions about the man, she told them the man might be linked to international criminals trying to set up shop in Brazil. When Tony asks if they are going to Brazil for their first international investigation, the crew starts cheering, but Ms. Nowhere tells them that Interpol has it handled. Tony wonders why whenever investigations are outside of L.A., they are suddenly removed from the investigation, to which Ms. Nowhere replies that they know nothing of international investigations. Tony begs her to let them go to Brazil, but she refuses as she does not want to lose another agent, which shocks Frostee. Ms. Nowhere gets to the point and tells them that she will be on assignment for some time, and tells them to do things they used to do before they were spies. When Tony tells her he does not have a car, Ms. Nowhere offers to pull some strings in order to get him another vehicle, which ends up being an old, white van. Tony is not amused, and his friends agree with him.

As Tony goes to the taco truck, Mitch arrives with a new car. The man at the taco truck notices he has the same van Tony has, and asks him if he is going to the van rally the following week.

After the man they had caught escaped, Ms. Nowhere asked Tony and the rest of the crew to track him down and bring him back. After a chase, Tony managed to stop the man and force him onto his van, causing all the people around him to cheer, as they were in the van rally.

After capturing the man, Ms. Nowhere told the crew a weapon had been smuggled into Rio de Janeiro, rumored to have the ability to throw everything into chaos. Since they had found out about the formula and caught the man twice, Tony felt it was appropriate for them to be sent to Rio. Ms. Nowhere told the crew the reason she did not want to send them to Rio was because the last agent she had sent there was Layla Gray, and now they did not know about what had happened. However, Tony mentioned they would do everything to get her back. Ms. Nowhere was convinced and told them to pack their bags for Brazil.[9]

That Sinking Feeling

On the plane arriving in Brazil, Ms. Nowhere reminds them their mission is to make sure if Layla is alright, but is interrupted when Tony electrocutes Frostee.

She told everyone they had new identities they had to learn and gave Tony a new car. They need to contact the favelas, infiltrate the gang in Brazil, and find Layla, while finding out what the formula does. She wishes them luck on their mission, as she will now go to her own.

Tony and Echo distracted police officers while running from them.

Soon after, Tony was asked by Brazilian police if he had guns, to which Tony responded by flashing his arm muscles. The police mistakenly believed they were in a gang, so the teenagers started to flee in their truck. Tony and Echo got into their cars, and joined the pursuit, using their smokescreen tires to blind the police, allowing Cisco to hide the truck in the woods. Echo made the road slippery causing the officers to lose control, while Tony was forced to brake and turn when met with a blockade of police cars, which he and Echo took care of by making the groups of police officers chasing them crash into one another.

Tony Toretto's Crew got worried when their vehicles got stuck in quicksand.

Echo suggested the group go back to the highway before they go too deep into the woods, but Tony refuses, mentioning the highway was probably full of cops, and they were taking a shortcut to Rio. However, the jungle soon caused him to lose control, and all of them ended up in quicksand, unable to move their cars. Tony fell in, and kept moving, which only resulted in him sinking faster, but Cisco was able to pull him out while following Echo's instructions. When Echo suggested calling Ms. Nowhere, however, Tony was not on-board with the idea, as they had only landed a couple of hours before. Tony tried pulling the truck out using Cisco's vehicle, but failed. While Cisco, and Frostee went to get snacks at the truck, a monkey stole their food, but Tony tried maintaining his optimism while surrounded by flies attracted to a plant he had rubbed over his clothes.

Echo went back to the quicksand, only to find Tony hanging upside down, and her car in the sand. After making him apologize, she cut him down. The group saw helicopters flying over them - Brazilian police had found them. In order to leave quickly, Echo told Cisco to grab some logs, with which they made a sort of rail they put under the cars' tires to get enough traction to get out of the quicksand. This proved successful, and Tony mentioned they did not need Ms. Nowhere, as they had a "Little Nowhere" with them, which Echo did not like at all. When Cisco asked how she knew that much about wilderness, Echo revealed she had been a girl scout.

After a rough day, the Tony and the Spy Racers were finally able to reach Rio.

With the police approaching, the teenagers soon realized they would have to leave the hauler. However, it was too late, and they were stopped by the police. Cisco's monkey, Donut, jumped into action and distracted the police, allowing them to escape and reach Rio.

Bem-vindo ao Rio

The gang drives through Rio, all impressed by the city. When asked how he is going to find Layla, Tony flexes his tattoo, showing the formula, and telling them he needs to talk to the right people. A local kid asked Tony if he could take a picture with his car, which Tony happily agreed to. Once he left Tony's sight, he emailed the picture to someone else. Tony found men, and decided he would reveal Marchelo's backstory. He told the men he had left prison and was looking for his father, however, he was angering the men because he was blocking the TV, which forced him to leave.

Tony and his crew soon found themselves surrounded by men in bikes.

The teenagers all got together and talked about all they had seen and done. Just as Tony complained about the difficulties of international spying, they were all surrounded by motorcycles. The leader took off his helmet and welcomed them to Rio, accompanied by the kid who had taken the picture with Tony. The man told them to follow him as they would go to headquarters. On the way, Tony told everyone to stay sharp.

They arrived at a mansion, and Echo realized the woman whose face was on the paintings on the walls were similar to the paintings she had seen on the street, San Rafaela. The man who received them at the house explained that San Rafaela had come from a wealthy family. Her father was a strong man, who controlled favelas in Rio. San Rafaela was pure, and kind to everyone; but she was killed when assassins killed her father, as she was caught in the crossfire.

Tony and his crew were able to find Layla, who was introduced as the boss.

The boss is announced, but Tony is surprised to see it is Layla. Tony introduces himself as Marchelo, but is coldly greeted by Layla, who orders a photo be taken of the formula on Tony's arm, and then commands the teenagers be killed.

The crew is able to break a window and jump onto a sofa Cisco threw to the ground, and escapes. However, they are followed by the men. Frostee sends Ms. Nowhere messages, asking for help, but she dismisses them. As the chase ensues, Layla crashes into Tony, who is convinced she is only trying to keep her cover. In the end, Tony was able to lose Layla and go the safehouse shortly after.


Tony and Echo move carefully through the city until they reach the warehouse, where Tony assures they are safe. Echo has her doubts because Dom had been caught in the warehouse, but Tony told her that was what Dom wanted at the time. Still confident in Layla, he mentioned he needed to find out how to talk to her without blowing her cover.

However, the rest of the gang believe she is not on their side. Echo tells Tony she placed a tracker on Layla, so they decide to go together. Tony approaches Layla, and sees she is joined by a man, who inhales a green gas. Layla leaves after that, and both Tony and Echo follow her. Frostee declares himself a "capoeira kid", and does not join a fight which arose, due to fighting neighborhoods.

Ms. Nowhere was angry the teenagers had ruined many of her plans.

Ms. Nowhere gathers the teenagers at the safehouse, where she tells them she is angry because they ruined her mission, their mission, and her date with the prince. Ms. Nowhere asks Tony how he knows Layla has not changed sides, but he is unable to say. Ms. Nowhere then declares herself in charge of the operation. She sent Frostee to learn what the formula does, Echo to investigate the supply chain, Cisco to learn more from Beto, and told Tony she did not need anyone to drive to a stupid situation, and told him to accompany Gary.

After watching Gary for a long time, Tony soon grew tired. Gary told him he sometimes distracted himself by imagining conversations he saw through the cameras, which sparked Tony's interest. Echo found Layla, and found out they were making big shipments with the formula.

Frostee saw his solution was reacting due to something all around the air: it was oxidizing, which meant when the formula reacted with oxygen for long enough, it would explode. On the cameras, they saw a big truck, which Frostee estimated would explode in fifteen minutes, possibly killing Layla. Since it would take 30 minutes for backup to arrive at the location, Tony figured he could handle warning Layla, as it involved driving fast to a stupid situation.

After Tony left, Frostee revealed he had made more chemicals which would explode in ten minutes and destroy the warehouse. However, when Gary asked, Frostee realized he could probably stabilize the solutions by adding banana, which Donut had.

After a high speed chase, Tony was able to climb onto Layla's truck with Echo's help and went to warn Layla. In the safehouse, after chasing Donut, Frostee, Cisco, and Gary were unable to grab Donut's banana smoothie, until the monkey inhaled the formula. After he did, Frostee asked for the smoothie, which he gave to Frostee without complaining. Frostee was able to stabilize the formulas, and wondered if he was now a monkey whisperer.

After a high-speed chase, Tony and Echo were finally able to get through to Layla.

Echo and Tony were able to take over Layla, who was not listening to reason. Echo took care of the formula by driving the truck into the seashore, where it exploded. Layla woke up unaware of what had happened, and where they were. She said she last remembered going undercover, and realized they did something to her: mind-controlled her with a formula.

When Tony told Layla to go with them, she refused, telling him it would be best for her to go back, as she would be able to truly go in undercover now, as the Brazilians still believed she was drugged.

Driving Blind

Layla wakes up, and remembers her encounters with Tony and the rest of the crew in Rio. She sees Tony and Echo in front of her at the beach. She tells them she last remembered going undercover, and realized they did something to her: mind-controlled her with a formula. Since they are being joined by other people, Tony and Echo have to leave before Layla is able to tell them who caught her.

When Tony and Echo went back to the safehouse, Echo revealed she did not believe Layla, as she was called the boss. She also pointed out that directly after they caught her, she went right back to the criminals. Cisco did not believe Layla either, mentioning it was probably a conspiracy theory. However, Frostee saw reason in Layla's words, since he realized he had turned himself subject to mind-control. Tony asks Frostee to figure out everything he could about the formula.

Tony was chosen as the test subject for Frostee's formula.

Frostee says he needs a test subject, who Gary says needs to be someone who is a rebel, irresponsible, and someone who does not follow orders. Everybody looks at Tony, but he claims his mind is too strong to be controlled, which is proven false when Frostee asks him to do a handstand, clap his hands, and in order to really see if he is being mind-controlled, Gary also asks him to fill out his mission report, which he happily agrees to. In order to see if the formula had limitations, Frostee ordered Tony to smash his hand with a wrench, which he was about to do until Frostee took back the order.

Tony has his mind back, but feels like someone had hit him, but Frostee tells him what had happened. However, Tony does not remember anything, so Echo brings him up to speed.

An Echo of Nowhere

Rafaela and Ms. Nowhere have the crew and Gary reunited. Gary pleads with her, but is not able to convince Rafaela, who asks her people to get rid of them. However, Frostee tells Rafaela that if she gets rid of them, she would never be able to stop the formula from exploding. She gives him 24 hours to work on it in order for them to live.

Echo sees an open window, and tells everyone she can fit through. Gary tells her if she can reach the hauler, which was stuck in quicksand, they would be able to bust them out. The teenagers were shocked when Gary told them it had quicksand wheels, which he had told them about before. As Echo exits the building, Tony calls his car so she is able to escape.

Layla asks how they all met, and Tony says he wrote a love poem in elementary school. After school, he was being bullied, because Cisco had drama club. When it looked like he was going to get into a fight, Echo knocked the bullies down and complimented his poem. Layla tells Tony not to worry about Echo, and the two talk. Tony blames himself for getting the team in trouble all the time, and also tells Layla that there were two reasons he had gone to Rio. One was her, and the other was to prove himself. Layla tried cheering him up, and tells him to have more faith in his family, which surprised Tony.

The Patroness

Tony and Layla are brought to Rafaela, who is trying a new outfit on. She takes a selfie with the gang, and tells everybody it had been a year since she had been "killed". She sprays Tony and Layla and is able to manipulate them.

Rafaela told Tony and Layla her plan before the race.

Rafaela brings the formula to the annual race between the favelas, and tells Tony and Layla that she would leave the people racing poor. She tells both of them her plan is to spray everyone with the formula after the race, during which, people would never know she was racing. Before starting the race, all the competitors get ready. Rafaela orders Tony and Layla to keep everyone off her tail so she could win the race.

During the last lap, Rafaela orders Layla and Tony to line up behind her so she could win. However, they do not follow orders, and reveal they lied about being mind-controlled since Frostee made an antidote based on his favorite drink: Yoka. She called Rocha, and told him to release the formula, but was shocked to learn everyone had escaped.

During the race, Layla had reached Rafaela, who thought they were friends until Layla reminded her that she had been under the influence of the formula. Soon after, Rafaela was able to shoot at a building and flip Layla's car. Tony asked her if she was alright, and she confirmed she was. Tony took a shortcut, and got in front of Rafaela in order to stop her from getting to the truck with the formula. This caused Rafaela's car to soar and lose control when it landed. She was able to reach the truck, however, causing a big explosion.

Tchau, Uggos

Tony and his crew have to be on guard as everyone tried to capture them. They got into the hauler, where Echo admitted Rafaela was smarter than she looked. In the hauler, Frostee soon realized there was a way they could track Rafaela: his medallion. Tony wondered why she would go through everybody's money. Ms. Nowhere guessed she wanted to steal something they did not know about. Cisco thought that in order to cure everyone, they could go to a Yoka factory. However, Frostee revealed that part of the antidote involved Donut's urine. Ms. Nowhere ordered the teenagers to find Rafaela, while she worked on fixing the crowd.

Tony and his crew used the invisibility cloak in order to move through the crowd. However, due to the commotion they caused, they were eventually caught by the Brazilians who started running after them. However, they found motorcycles, which they used to escape. Rafaela got to the plane on a boat, and was chased by the teenagers until they were stopped by Beto and Lucas, who threatened to blow up the dock if they got anywhere near. As they told the crew how smart and beautiful Rafaela was, Donut saw the detonator as a banana, and was able to take it away from Beto. Echo told Tony to go after the plane with Layla while Cisco and Echo got the detonator, which Cisco was able to convince Donut to do.

Tony and Layla were able to jump onto the spy plane's wing.

Layla and Tony raced after Rafaela, and saw Cisco and Echo take control over a shore patrol ship, which allowed them to keep chasing after her. They were able to jump onto the plane's wing after a torpedo hit them, and barely made it inside, where they were met by Rafaela and a bunch of her crew, which they were unable to overcome.

Rafaela told Tony and Layla she would probably drop them off over the Atlantic and then find her mother, who was the real brains of the family and mastered brain control. Tony found out her mom was the one who tattooed the formula.

Rafaela also told them that now thanks to Ms. Nowhere's codes and the plane, she would now be able to release her mother from prison. However, Frostee was able to voice and visually record her and edited the clip in order to command Medina to land the plane. Since she lost control, she frantically tried looking everywhere to turn the command off, but was tased by Layla.

Thanks to Frostee's transmission, Tony and his crew were able to celebrate their victory by dancing.

Tony returned Frostee his medallion and the teenagers danced. Ms. Nowhere approached Tony and told him he had done a good job. Tony told reminded her he had already said they were ready for Rio, and asks her what the next mission is.


The Giant Haboob

Tony is dancing with Echo, Frostee Benson, Cisco Renaldo, and Layla Gray, but they were all frustrated because they were not able to recreate a video perfectly. Echo tells Tony that the kid they were watching was more into the video than he was, so Tony tells them they would do it again, which provoked a bad reaction amongst the crew, since they had other things to do. The crew comforted Echo and Tony, since they knew both were nervous about getting into Ms. Nowhere’s spy school. As both of them started freaking out over whether or not they had gotten in or how they would find out, a helicopter landed, and Echo was called by military officers, while Tony was handed a paper. Echo was taken away, and Tony found out he had been rejected.

After a week, Tony was depressed, painting his nails black, which Layla, Echo, and Cisco did not like to see. Layla told him to support his friends, while all Tony could think was how Echo was probably having fun at spy school and making new friends.

Tony and Layla watched Cisco act with a monkey puppet, reenacting when they had to leave Rio and leave Donut behind. Tony sobbed while watching the play, while Layla fell asleep. After the play, Layla left, and stole someone’s bike, provoking men to chase after her.

Later at Frostee's competition, Jun tells Tony she saw his failed video, but Tony brushed it off, saying the whole world should know he is a failure. A drone fight began, involving Frostee and Jun, but Frostee lost. Instead of comforting him, Tony reflected on his own spy school rejection. Tony realized he could talk to Ms. Nowhere, and left.

When Frostee lost, Tony asked Frostee if DJ Drone was ready for the next race. Frostee mentioned it was, but did not know what the point was anymore since Jun was destroying him. In order to comfort him, Tony told him everybody had their strengths, but he could not just attribute his skills to his cousin, realizing he should be the best version of himself.

The crew got reunited when Echo was given her new mission.

After Frostee's competition finished Echo walked out of her car, and congratulated Frostee. Cisco hugged her, but was pushed back; she told them that Ms. Nowhere and Gary’s plane had gone down in North Africa. Tony exclaimed they should save them, but Echo told him that they would not, since Ms. Nowhere and Gary knew the risks when they took on the mission. Tony asked her why she was there, and she told the group that they would finish the mission that they had started, since Cleve Kelso was back and in the Sahara. Tony exclaimed that the Toretto Team was back, but Echo told him that she was in charge now; Tony hugged her. Layla joined them, and the crew left for the Sahara.

The Dead End

Echo tells the group to review the mission to capture Cleve, but nobody was paying attention, so she orders the plane to be tilted, which scares Tony, Layla, and Frostee. Cisco walks in as well, eating their rations which angers Echo. Tony, however, tells her that they understood the instructions the repeated times she had told them. He reminded her everybody wanted Ms. Nowhere and Gary back, but Echo tells him that that was not the mission since the agency did not do rescue ops. She tells them they’re going to Nihaya, which Layla refers to as “The Dead End.” The crew suits up and jump from the plane.

The group walked through The Dead End while they looked for their contact.

Tony, Frostee, and Cisco walk until Tony catches some man’s eye, which Cisco brushes off since they were also looking at him. Tony tells them that the man is their contact, but when Frostee asks if they should find Echo, Cisco tells him not to so he could practice his acting skills. When they reach the man, they begin asking suspicious asking him if he has anything for them. However, when the man brings them their falafels, they simply begin looking for a key, which angers the man, who tells them to leave.

They reach Echo, who tells them she found their contact, who had a chess board with the pieces arranged the way she and Julius had left them. She plays chess with the man, who asks her where she trained. She says, “nowhere,” and beats the man, who takes them to the safehouse. Echo tells them the next day they would go to the Sahara and look for Cleve.

Tony comforted Echo when she feared they might die in the Sahara.

Later, Tony asks Echo if she is okay, to which she replies that they would be going to one of the most hostile environments in the world, in which many different scenarios could lead them to death. Tony tries comforting her, but she tells him that Ms. Nowhere, the best agent in the world could not handle it. In the end, Tony tells her that even though things will inevitably go wrong, they had her back.

The next day, everybody gets supplies, and Layla is approached by two men, who tell her Sandocal would be happy to see her. She is chased through the city, but manages to escape, and tell her friends. When they open the train, however, they are shocked to see the train is empty thanks to Layla’s old friends. When Tony asks Sandocal what he did with their cars, the man laughs and tells him that those cars are his now since Layla had a debt to pay.

Echo tells him he can’t take the cars, but Sandocal laughs. Layla, in order to fix the problem tells him that she and Tony could compete in his next race which was a dune buggy in order to get their cars back. Sandocal tells her they can race, but he would not give them their cars back. However, if they won, he would give her her friends back, which he now held hostage.

Tony and the rest of the crew were handcuffed to the back of a car by Sandocal.

Tony, and the rest of the crew were handcuffed in the back of Sandocal’s car, which angered Echo. Tony told Layla and the leader not to fight since they had been through worse. They make it to the dune buggy, where the man from the falafel stand was at. Layla told Echo she would speak to her after they got out of the situation they were in. Sandocal sends Layla and Tony to the race.

At the race, Tony and Layla are ready as the audience cheers. The race begins with Tony and Layla defending each other whilst getting rid of the other cars.

Still racing, Layla and Tony make it up over a hill, and Tony starts celebrating their victory when they took out their other opponents. However, Layla tells him they were never going to win the race, and they had to leave.

The group managed to escape Sandocal thanks to Layla and Echo.

Sandocal is angry that they did not finish the race, and it is revealed that when Layla told Echo they would need to talk, she had given her a key to escape. Sandocal finds out he has no leverage and looks as the crew escapes on dune buggies in order to get to their mission.

The Empty Well

Echo mentions she can not see anywhere they could resupply and asks if everyone is keeping to their water schedules. Cisco answers that everything is fine, but Frostee drops the water bottle when the dune buggy bumps a little. Echo asks Frostee if on his mapping system he had seen any signs of civilization, but mentions there is nothing except some sort of electrical interference.

Echo and Layla get into an argument due to their loss of supplies thanks to Layla. Tony tells them not to fight, but is yelled at instead. Since they were in the middle of nowhere, the group started losing their minds, with Cisco even hallucinating Tony was a frozen yogurt.

Soon, Echo saw a few buildings which made them stop. Echo talked to a man, who she told that they were racers who had gotten off course. She asked them for water, but the man told her that their well had dried up and ordered them to leave. Tony offered to help, but tripped over his dune buggy, which helped a boy recognize him as “car fail guy” due to their unsuccessful video. They asked him to repeat his fall, which he refused at first, but repeated it. Thanks to this, they were welcomed into the village.

The crew all had dinner at Wafir, where the locals told them their problems.

At the village, they met Ziri’s brother and the man who had greeted them at first told them that their hydro technology was not useful anymore with their well empty. The man had lived in Wafir for generations, and the Badouin had told them of a giant sandstorm, which Echo related to the sandstorm that had taken Ms. Nowhere and Gary down. Echo was upset they gave the village the last of their rations, but Cisco mentioned it was good karma.

Tony went down the well, helped by Frostee’s drone, and the group found a tunnel which Echo mentioned could lead them to Cleve. They followed the drone through the tunnel until it stopped and found a huge water facility, which was linked to Cleve. Echo and Tony got into an argument on how to proceed, but soon Tony saw he had not thought his plan through. They were caught, and so they decided to go with Tony’s plan which was blowing the facility up.

In the facility, Frostee was able to figure out how to blow the place up, and guide Cisco in to turning valves while Tony and Layla covered him. He turned the valve and was able to cause a flood. Tony and Layla were trapped, but Cisco was able to get to them through the ventilation system as the building began to flood and explode.

The group was able to destroy the facility and slow Cleve down.

Frostee told Echo that in order to really make the building explode, they had to enter a 10-digit code, but they had to leave on time. She trapped Frostee outside and repeated the code, diving underwater to the control panel, where she typed the code, and waited for the building to blow. She was blown outside thanks to the explosion. Frostee told the crew that he had received an email when he got wifi, telling them that a woman named Karen, from Wisconsin had sent him a gingersnap recipe, but also told him that Ms. Nowhere and Gary were alive. The crew had to run, however as they saw Rafaela and Matsuo racing towards them in their cars.

The Hunt

The group hid behind their dune buggies. Tony recognized Rafaela behind the wheel. Cisco mentioned Matsuo had a laser cannon arm, which they were shot at with. Echo recognized Matsuo, and told the group that they were on the right trail to Cleve. Echo told Frostee to time the intervals that facilities exploded so they could find Cleve. They followed the explosions while being chased by Matsuo and Rafaela.

Cisco and Frostee ran into an ignition problem during the chase, and they were still being shot at, so Cisco told Frostee to drive while he pushed. Frostee mentioned he did not know how to drive, but Cisco told them there was nothing to crash into. Tony ran back for them, but his dune buggy was flipped. Frostee managed to get the car moving, but dropped Cisco. He managed to get him back on top.

The group is pressured by Rafaela and Matsuo, so Echo tells them to put some distance between them. Layla and Tony decide to flip a dune buggy, which causes all of Kelso’s group to crash. However, they are soon able to move past the crash.

Echo tells them to keep an eye out for the next explosion, which turns out to have happened behind them. Tony realizes that they will have to turn around and go through the group that was chasing after them. Layla’s car gets crashed by Sandocal, but she manages to get away, while Matsuo shoots at Tony, who can not help, but admire his car.

Tony was forced to take on Matsuo head on due to them not being able to get rid of the cars.

Rafaela sends two men after Cisco when she hooks on to his dune buggy, but Tony goes to his rescue, and the two men fall. However, Matsuo got closer to them, which makes Tony slow down and face him head on. In the end, he manages to spin Matsuo out of control, which angers him.

Echo realizes the were going to have to face them head-on since they were not able to lose them. Each of them was able to outsmart different drivers, such as Layla tricking Sandocal into crashing into Rafaela’s car. Frostee put on his drone glasses and was able to visualize everything like in a videogame, while Tony reluctantly took his car down with Matsuo inside.

Rafaela got her car working again and picked Matsuo up. She shot at Layla and Sandocal, but Layla managed to get them both out of the way. Tony and Cisco managed to send their car crashing straight into Rafaela’s which shook her.

The Bedouin Shield

Tony and his crew became worried over the storm heading their way.

Tony and his crew walk, and Frostee Benson mentions that he felt a raindrop, and they turn around to see the huge storm forming. Echo realizes this is Cleve’s doing, and they start running.

Tony asks Echo if she had studied camels, which she remembers she had told him, so she checks the animals, and says they are good. Layla Gray is scared of the camels, and says that she prefers cars and racing. Salem tells Layla that she needs to try camel racing, which Tony wants to try. Salem tells him that nobody beats a Bedouin in a camel race, however.

Cisco Renaldo loses Frostee, but is carried by a man, who brings him and the rest of the crew to the Bedouin Shield. Echo presents the group, and the two men who rescued them introduce themselves as Salem and Kareem. When they tell the group that their ancestors used to carry spices, Cisco asks if they have any on them right now, but is told that they are modern, and give tourists camel rides so they can take pictures on them. They are scared by a crashing sound, which prompts Salem and Kareem to comfort their camels.

The group has dinner, where Tony tells the two brothers they are headed to the Eye of the Sahara. Salem tells him that a strange sandstorm has surrounded the Eye for months since it never moves. He tells them that after the storm died out, they could go back to The Dead End so they could go back home. Tony tells him they are not people who give up, but Echo mentions that they should go back since they had no supplies, food or water, but Tony is still hopeful. Echo tells him this is the reason that he was not accepted into the academy. The cave they were in started caving in, so they started running.

Cisco is getting desperate as they were trapped, and Echo is defeated. Tony tries to comfort her, but she accepts that the mission was her responsibility. Salem tries telling her that her everybody was a team, and Frostee took out DJ Drone so they could dance.

The next morning, they were able to get out, and Salem was surprised at how much water was outside. Tony challenged him to a race, with his condition being that if he beat him, he would guide them to the Eye of the Sahara. Kareem shook his head, and Frostee threw in DJ Drone if he beat Tony. Salem accepted, and Echo found it dumb, but Tony reminded her they always did dumb things.

Tony was able to win the camel race thanks to his camel noticing quicksand.

Salem tells Tony how the race will proceed, and he agrees. The race begins while Kareem films Tony, expecting him to fail. Tony pulls ahead when his camel is startled, but the camel starts losing control. However, Salem falls off his camel and falls into quicksand, which allows Tony to win. Echo agrees to keep doing stupid stuff after the race.

The Eye of the Sahara

Tony Toretto's Crew goes through the Sahara, while Frostee is tired of riding the camel, which annoys Salem. Echo tells the crew that they have made it, and they see the big storm that has formed. She sprays the camels with invisible paint, which they are able to see with their spy goggles on. As they headed through the storm, they soon realized the storm got stronger the farther they went.

Cisco was getting nervous with the storm and was beginning to lose his friends, even falling off his camel and having to walk. Echo notices this, and tries to communicate with the team, and eventually returns for Cisco since she cannot contact the rest. When Tony and Frostee make it to the end of the storm, they realize their friends had been left behind. Tony and Layla wanted to go back, but saw that Echo had rescued Cisco.

After battling with the storm, the crew finally made it through.

When Echo and Cisco made it, Echo realized her plane tracker was beeping, telling Layla that she got information on a need-to-know basis, also calling her a convict. She realized that they could save Ms. Nowhere and Gary, but Tony reminded her that that was not the mission. However, Echo mentioned that she had heart as well, and even mentioned that she had gone back for Cisco.

The crew started calling for Ms. Nowhere and Gary, but were not able to find them at their plane wreck. Frostee and Cisco started crying, but Layla told them that they were fine since they even found evidence of them eating for a while. They realized, however, that the spies had been captured by Cleve.

Layla asks Salem if he knows how long it would take them to get to the Eye of the Sahara, and Kareem tells them that it would take them two days to get there. However, they only had enough supplies for two days. Echo reminds Tony that he once told her that things would always go wrong with them, but she was not willing to let the Bedouins risk their lives for them. Cisco looks at the plane wreck and realizes he can build vehicles.

Cisco is still working on the vehicle, which would be a biplane. However, he and the rest of the crew are warned of danger by Falafel, Cisco's camel. They see battle drones heading towards them, and realize Cleve knows where they are. Frostee sends his drones to battle against Cleve's drones while Tony and Layla shoot. They manage to get their planes working and escape as a new wave of drones attack.

In the air, Layla and echo switch places so Echo would shoot at the drones and Layla would fly the plane. Frostee and Tony are chased, but Tony manages to get rid of the drones chasing them. Their planes were now in bad condition, but were still being targeted. However, Ziri hacks into the drones and manages to power them off, saving the crew.


Tony Toretto's Crew keeps flying, missing Cisco since he had been left behind. However, they could not turn around, deciding to get Cisco once they had defeated Cleve.

Tony received a hologram of Rafaela dancing when she baited them into freeing Ms. Nowhere and Gary.

The crew got a hologram on their watches of Rafaela dancing. She told them she had Gary and Ms. Nowhere hostage and still alive. Gary started singing along to Rafaela's song, but she was interrupted by Cleve who told Tony that he could either save them or go after him.

As the crew raced towards Cleve's headquarters, they were met by his guards. Frostee unleashed his drones, which helped them defeat the guards while Tony took over a dune buggy and Echo took a motorcycle. They made the entrance blow up and headed inside, while Gary stayed behind to fight more security.

The crew met Ziri, who told them he had been helping them.

Once they were inside, Ziri told them that he was the one who had disconnected the satellite feeds in order to help them escape. He told them that he used to work for Cleve until he discovered he was a bad person and Tony realized he was the kid who did a backflip in the video he tried to imitate. Ziri managed to lock the door so Gary could get in without the security, and asked them how they had managed to get Ms. Nowhere and Gary, which they explained. Tony mentioned it was great meeting the kid who did a backflip with his car, and Ziri replied that he had watched Tony as well, laughing at his video.

The crew heard a loud noise, which was Cleve in his "exterminator suit." He quickly hit each and every one of them and went inside the control room, where he set off his rockets.

Rafaela and Matsuo returned to fight the crew, while Cleve was baited by Tony. Ms. Nowhere told Frostee and Ziri to hack the rockets while they fought. Frostee complained that he was always thrown into action immediately, but was helped by Ziri as well.

Cleve's robot suit put up a fight against the crew.

Cleve's machine seemed unstoppable as Tony and Ms. Nowhere battled against it, but Tony was able to attach a motorcycle to the suit, and drag it elsewhere. Echo told him to aim for a button on the suit, which Tony mentioned he would do.

As Matsuo shot at them, Tony was able to deactivate his arm, finally awakening him. Rafaela punched Tony far away from Matsuo, and managed to turn his arm back on which poisoned his mind once again.

Layla boosted Tony in order to get to Cleve's back, while Gary fought Matsuo, who took him down. Before he could kill Gary, however, Echo took his arm out, which woke him again. Rafaela cried, and even though Matsuo told her he would survive, she mentioned it was the only thing she liked about him.

Frostee and Ziri managed to take the rockets down, and while being attacked by Cleve, Tony managed to press the button on his back, which turned out to only serve the purpose of a light show. He grabbed Tony, and threw him away while the rest of the crew was cornered. Echo realized they might not make it, but at least they had stopped Cleve. Ms. Nowhere congratulated her, and told her that she was definitely worthy of becoming a Nobody. Cleve mentioned that what Echo had said was touching, but he had a backup rocket.

Sirocco Fire Explosion

Cleve tells the crew that all their fighting has been in vain since he would launch the rocket and bring devastation to the world. He ordered the crew be sent to the underground cell, and as Rafaela said goodbye to the crew, she was surprised to see that she was sent as well. He ordered Matsuo to be left there, since he would fix his arm and poison him again.

An alarm rang, and Cisco arrived at the compound along with Sandocal and the Bedouins. They broke in, and it was revealed that Cisco had been found by Falafel and Salem and Kareem. Cisco convinced the Bedouins to take him to Cleve along with some help such as Sandocal and Ziri's brother.

At the compound, a fight ensued. Rafaela managed to break free and escape, and Tony asked Ziri how they could take the rocket down. Frostee realized there was a manual override at the top. Tony decided he would go to the top of the rocket using a motorcycle, which he struggled to ride, and fell off. However, he started climbing while being chased by Cleve. In the end, Tony managed to hang on to the rocket, but was still chased by Cleve.

After the battle, the group depended on Tony, who Frostee told only had thirty seconds to override the rocket. As Tony was getting ready, the rocket lifted off which only left him with the option of finishing the mission. He was able to disable the rocket, but started falling from the sky, same as Cleve.

The crew was shocked to see a fire tornado forming.

The team started saying their goodbyes, but Tony was caught by Ziri's drones and was saved. However, when the rocket blew up, a fire tornado started forming and was moving at over 100mph. The crew raced towards it in order to stop it, and Frostee thought he could use Ziri's pressure drop in order to stop the tornado. The spy racers were able to divert the storm from a town, but soon saw the tornado was going after them. Ziri concluded that the person who was steering the tornado was Rafaela.

Layla's car was caught by the fire, and she had to eject from it; soon after, Echo had to do the same as her car was destroyed. After Echo, Cisco's car was attacked, so he and Frostee had to eject. Tony was the only one left in his car, and Frostee told him the way to stop the tornado would be to drop an explosive into the tornado so it reached an ionizer.

After finding a dune, Tony used it in order to attempt a big jump over the tornado. He sent an explosive down the middle, landing it on the ionizer, and taking the fire tornado down.

The group celebrated their victory and said goodbye to Ziri, who they told it was great meeting. Frostee told Ziri he would keep in touch with him, so he could win the next triathlon. However, Ziri told him that would not be the case if he entered the triathlon. He then went back to his village with his brother.

The crew decided that they would start taking decisions as a family from now on.

Ms. Nowhere told the crew that their next task would be to capture Rafaela. She told Echo to prepare her team so they could move out in ten minutes. After Tony complained that everybody was making fun of him for what he said when he took down the tornado, Echo told him that she had learned more from him than what she could have learned from a binder, which Ms. Nowhere did not like. She explained that out in the desert, she found out that she was not just a suit, and that the team was a family who would make their decisions together.

Ms. Nowhere said they would look for Cleve, who she did not think had survived the fall.


Chasing Phantoms

As a thunderstorm rages over the skies of London, Ms. Nowhere talks to Tony Toretto's Crew as they prepare to go and arrest Rafaela, who is aboard a nearby private jet. They successfully get inside and look for her, but come up empty handed. Rafaela surprises them by being outside the airplane as she activates her parachute. Back inside, Frostee directs everyone’s attention to the bomb that Rafaela left behind on the plane as a trap. The gang all successfully manage to get out before the plane explodes. Tony finds Rafaela still falling down to the ground with her parachute, and the two engage in an aerial fight. Eventually Tony lands on top of Big Ben, and from there Rafaela ends up pushing him down, and he falls onto the nearby river.

Off the waters of Fiji, Rafaela once again evades capture on a jet ski. She eventually circles back and throws bombs at Tony and the rest of his crew. Which in turn forces Mrs. Nowhere to have the team fall back and retreat.

In the sewers of Paris, Mrs. Nowhere tells the team over the comms to stay on high alert. Rafaela surprises the team when she becomes visible again after having tripped Tony over, who fell into some sewage water.

Later, the gang is on a high speed chase and hot on Rafaela’s trail. Cisco asks Frostee if they are in Switzerland, Iceland or Greenland. But Frostee doesn’t know for sure, and just says they are on some kind of land. Eventually, Rafaela launches a bomb on some nearby boulders that fall onto the road. Fortunately, Cisco’s car is able to plow through them with ease. Just when they think they have her cornered, Rafaela drives her car off a cliff, gets out of it and successfully jumps into a waiting helicopter for another escape.

In Shanghai, Tony tells Rafaela that they picked up her scent when she crossed the equator, and jokes that she probably should cut back on the perfume. Still invisible, Rafaela responds that perhaps she enjoys this game of cat and mouse she has playing with Tony and the rest of his friends. He eventually tells the wanted criminal that the building they are in is surrounded by agents. Rafaela cackles as she jumps out the building and tells Tony she will see him later; leaving him fighting a bunch of assassins he hired. Eventually Cisco, Echo and Layla come to his aid and tell Tony to go and stop Rafaela once and for all. Rafaela and Tony engage in another one on one hand fight, but eventually, Rafaela is successfully apprehended.

Back in Los Angeles, Tuco surprises Cisco with a visit, as he explains he is in town for the night and thought he’d swing by the old neighborhood. Eventually, Layla realizes Tuco knows that she and the rest of Tony Toretto's Crew are spies, but everyone else is seemingly okay with it. Frostee even explains that Cisco tells his uncle everything, and Echo follows that by saying how it's better than having Cisco post about what they do as spies online. Tony finishes by saying that Tuco is family, and that they can trust him.

The video is unexpectedly cut short, and the nearby drones are electrocuted and fall to the ground. The gang eventually looks up and see some unknown assailants staring down at them. Some lasers go up that traps them on the roof of the building, and three mysterious assailants leave. Mrs. Nowhere yells at Tony and his crew to run and get off the building. They try to leave through the door, but an explosion forces them back. Thanks to Frostee’s help, they are able to leave the building safe and sound. Sissy offers her help, explaining that she has been hacking and tracking for years, and it's how she has kept tabs on her older brother.

They chase after the mysterious assailants but they manage to escape. The cops arrive shortly after, but much to their surprise, they aren’t there to help them out. Instead, they are there to arrest Mrs. Nowhere and the rest of her team of spies.

Later, Gary comes in to interrogate them, and he asks them why they blew up headquarters. Mrs. Nowhere yells out that they didn’t do anything, but Gary shows them video footage that proves they are guilty of what they are being accused of.

Tony explains that isn’t them on the video, and that they were on the roof. But Gary in turn states that there were no witnesses to prove it, all the drones were disabled and the traffic cameras had their footage erased. Thus, the only evidence left is the footage of the Mrs. Nowhere and the rest of the gang seemingly laying the groundwork to blow up headquarters.

After processing all the information, Tony realizes that they have been framed.

The Convoy

At an Agency Black Site, Tony sees that he and his crew are being split up by being put in separate convoys. One of the agency’s agents tells Tony that they’ll never see or hear from each other again.

Later, Frostee is able to successfully break out Tony using his drones, and Tony jumps onto his car. As he leaves, Tony tells the agents to not take it personally since Torettos rarely stay locked up for long.

Meanwhile, Gary gets told that Tony escaped with Frostee’s help, and he sends agents to Frostee’s base of operations. Only, when they get inside, it’s not Frostee but Sissy who is inside.

Later, an unnamed guard exclaims through their comms that they have an emergency on their hands, and that they have been attacked. Moreover, that a prisoner is in the wind, and now said guard is requesting backup.

Frostee is able to intercept their comms though, which buys them some time to rescue the others. Frostee then tells Tony that from the other four cars, he is closest to Layla’s, so he sends Tony the coordinates for her location. Eventually, Tony is able to successfully rescue Layla and Cisco, but when they go to rescue Echo, they are shocked to see she has everything handled and under control. Before they can rescue Ms. Nowhere, the agency’s communications are back up, so Frostee explains that it will be more difficult.

It turns out that a convoy of eight spy SUVs are now present to protect Ms. Nowhere’s truck. Layla then asks how strongly everyone feels about freeing Ms. Nowhere. To which Tony explains that Ms. Nowhere is family.

Eventually, Tony and Layla are able to rescue Ms. Nowhere, and the gang gets away with a helicopter as well.

Tony and the rest of his crew are excited to be going rogue with the best of the best.

The Fugitives

Just as Ms. Nowhere, Tony and his crew arrive at her safe house, an alarm lets them know they have unwanted visitors.

Quickly, Ms. Nowhere decides she will go outside and distract Palindrome, while everyone else disables his transport and gets the supply bags in the hauler without making a peep.

Palindrome yells at them to give up as it's the smart play, but Tony gets his car out and yells out that they don’t do smart. Ms. Nowhere is able to jump onto the hood of Tony’s car and they manage to get away. Unfortunately, they lose their cash, and only get away with two bags of pork pies.

That's a Moray

On their way to Mexico City, a cop is standing by ready to measure a car’s speed and bust them if they go over the speed limit. However, the cloaked vehicle that Ms. Nowhere, Tony and his crew are able to speed by at 175 kilometers per hour because it’s invisible. Frostee laughs as he watches the perplexed cop, but Ms. Nowhere comes through on the screen and warns him to slow down. Frostee tells her that he was just trying to get them to where they need to be faster. But Ms. Nowhere chastises him saying that whether cloaked or not, they can’t do anything to blow their cover right now.

Ms. Nowhere and Layla continue to think that Tuco likely framed them, but Cisco and Tony on their end refuse to believe that, and want to prove his innocence.

Initially, Tony proposes they get boots on the ground in Mexico City, and start searching for Tuco. But Ms. Nowhere shoots that idea down because they won’t be able to move a muscle once in the city without first getting caught on God’s Eye.

Tony then proceeds to remind her that they are all on the run together, and she’s not the leader anymore. Thus, they need to make decisions together.

Outside, Echo wonders why Ms. Nowhere is just staring at the volcano full of mole, and Tony pipes up saying it’s weird that they haven’t heard from her. He asks Frostee if something is wrong, but Frostee tells Tony that nothing appears to be wrong with the feed from what he can see. They decide to standby and wait for Ms. Nowhere’s signal.

Ms. Nowhere groans at Moray’s speech, and then proceeds to kick one of his ghost agents. The commotion finally alerts Tony and the others to spring into action.

Inside the mansion, Ms. Nowhere yells at the guest to get out. Before Moray can escape, Tony throws a laser grenade which causes the ghost agents Moray is using to no longer be invisible. While Tony fights Moray, everyone else fights the ghost agents.

Tony yells out he will take care of Moray, while Ms. Nowhere decides she can handle Palindrome. She then instructs everyone else to get in the hauler because they need to have someone in charge of the getaway car.

Elsewhere, Tony successfully catches up with Moray. But Moray reveals that he has sixty seconds to save his friends who may or may not still be inside the mansion. Over the comms, he asks if everyone is out of the mansion, and they tell him they are. However, Ms. Nowhere tells Tony that Palindrome is still inside. He then asks Frostee if an explosive truly is inside the mansion, and Frostee confirms his suspicions. Refusing to leave Palindrome to die, Tony lets Moray escape, and runs back to the mansion to save Palindrome.

Gary and Julius inform Palindrome that Tony saved him once their boss is conscious again. Perplexed, Palindrome wonders why a guilty man would save the life of the one man hunting him down.

The Ocelot King vs. El Mariposa

While on the road, Ms. Nowhere, Tony and the rest of the crew hear on the news about how foreign dignitaries were attacked today in what the authorities are calling a heist gone wrong. The newsreader then mentions how police are currently searching for a middle-aged woman and four teenagers. Ms. Nowhere is outraged that they had the nerve to call her middle-aged, while Cisco is feeling indignant at the general public thinking they are working with Moray. Not long after, they notice on their camera feeds that some police cars are behind them. Tony is frustrated at the fact that they are now double fugitives for two crimes they didn’t commit.

Outside, Tony states that he will go get gas, while everyone else figures out what their next step is. Ms. Nowhere thinks they should arrange a parlay with Palindrome, and tell him everything they know about Moray. They can then team up, if she is feeling generous, and proceed to take down her evil ex. Tony asks her what they would do in the event that Palindrome doesn’t believe them. To which Layla further adds that it’d be like they were basically turning themselves in. Ms. Nowhere asks if anyone has better ideas, to which Cisco mentions they can alway go and find his uncle Tuco. Since he lives in Mexico City, he could help them lay low until the heat dies down. Ms. Nowhere shoots that idea down saying how for all they know Tuco could be working with Moray. Tony argues that Tuco is family and he’d never betray them.

Layla for her part brings up how on one side, Ms. Nowhere wants to run to the guy who wants to lock them up, while Tony and Cisco want to run to the guy that might have set them up. Cisco yells out that Tuco didn’t set them up, so Tony asks Layla what her plan would be then. She suggests that the best plan right now is to run. But Tony gets mad at her and mentions how its her typical behavior; out to save her own butt. Layla tells Tony that isn’t what she meant.

Sometime later, Rollie and Nacho show up on their helicopter, and yell out through their megaphone that they have Tony and his crew surrounded. They inform them that they plan to take them in to collect the reward money. The cops are also on their way to arrest them. Tony then says they need scatter. In the chaos, Echo is forced to take Cisco’s monster truck and Ms. Nowhere joins her. Frostee then joins Layla, and Cisco goes with Tony to look for Tuco.

They are all able to successfully get away, but when Tony asks the rest of the crew to meet them at the wrestling arena. Ms. Nowhere declines as she is still set on finding Palindrome, while Layla is adamant that they need to run. Tony once again reminds everyone that Tuco is family, but Layla points out that just because he wouldn’t turn on family, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t turn on him. Frostee also adds that if everyone continues to argue over the comms, the police will be able to track everyone. Tony wants everyone to listen to him, but Layla argues that he’s not listening to them. Tony then states that he is in fact listening, but he just doesn’t like what he is hearing. Angrily, Mrs. Nowhere, Layla and Tony all decide to do their own thing.

At the wrestling arena, Tony and Cisco split up to find Tuco. Tony reminds Cisco that they are still wanted criminals so he needs to keep a low profile.

Eventually, Tony witnesses Moray talking with his ghost henchmen about one of the last tunnels being dug. Moray then tells his henchman that Tuco will be the first to go when the revolution comes. Unfortunately, Tony unintentionally gets caught eavesdropping and has to make a run for it.

Back in the ring, Cisco tells his uncle he is a liar, but Tuco is confused. After talking further, Tuco explains that the man Cisco saw is his manager, who gets him all the gigs and tells him where he will be fighting. Eventually, Cisco realizes that Tuco is innocent. But before they can leave, three of the ghost henchmen make their presence known, and the match becomes 3 on three, with Tony joining in. In the end, Tuco with some assistance from Tony and Cisco successfully beat the henchmen and they end up running to safety in the hauler.

The Siege

When Tuco suggests they take the hauler on a wrestling tour to put on a show like they did earlier, Tony shots that idea down. He explains how his manager is the guy who framed them, and was ultimately just using Tuco. Tony then tells Ms. Nowhere and the rest of his crew, that Moray was using Tuco’s wrestling matches as a cover. In reality, he is building a tunnel under the arena.

Cisco points out that he was right afterall that his uncle Tuco wasn’t working with Moray afterall. But Tony points out that technically Tuco was unknowingly working with Moray. So in the end, both Cisco and Ms. Nowhere were both technically right and wrong.

Later, an alarm rings on the hauler, and one of Moray’s ghost henchmen appears in the middle of the road. The ghost henchmen throws an emp, which causes the hauler to lose its cloaking and steering as well. Frostee then reveals that as a result, the hauler is going into automatic lockdown. Tony yells out to hit the brakes, but Frostee replies that those are gone too. As Roscoe whines, Ms. Nowhere orders everyone to hang onto something and brace for impact. The hauler flips a couple of times, and eventually comes to a stop.

Inside the hauler, Cisco freaks out at hearing the officers trying to break into the hauler. But Ms. Nowhere assures everyone it is going to take a lot more than saw to get through the hauler’s armor. She then mentions that they could survive years inside the hauler if they had to. Tony exclaims that Moray is digging tunnels and planning on destroying half of Mexico City, so they don’t have time on their side right now. Frostee also points out that the bathroom is locked, so that would be an important issue as well.

Eventually, Tony apologizes to Layla for the way he acted without thinking. But Layla points out that this is always Tony’s problem. He tends to react without thinking, and is usually wrong.

Into the Labyrinth

Tony suggests that the museum curator they met sometime earlier probably knows how to read the calendar. Everyone else agrees and at his office, the curator explains that the calendar appears to be from the same pre-Aztec religion as the headdress, the jaguar tooth and the obsidian ring. Moreover, it was previously believed that all other artifacts were thought to have been destroyed. He asks the kids where they found it, and Echo reveals that their associate sent them that photo from a tunnel system beneath the city. Once he has enough time to analyze the image, the curato explains that it is in fact a doomsday calendar and that world will end in twelve hours. According to the calendar, the Ocelot King will appear at the appointed hour to lead his fiery volcanic army; thus cleansing all of the evil from the Earth, and leaving only his supporters.

Inside the volcano, the machine is activated, but right after that his henchmen tell Moray that Ms. Nowhere and the kids have infiltrated the tunnels.

Tony ends up getting cornered by two of the enemy’s spy cars, so he decides he will get into them, and transmit the map of the tunnel system to everyone else. He is able to successfully get into one of them, but his car hits a wall and blows up. He is successful in transmitting the signal with the coordinates for the tunnel system. But to Layla’s horror, the spy car Tony was inside drove off the cliff and presumably into the lava pit a few feet below.

Don't Go Chasing Lavafalls

A distraught Layla yells out Tony’s name but receives no answer. Thanks to Tony’s sacrifice, Ms. Nowhere and the rest of his crew get the map coordinates for Moray’s tunnel system.

Ms. Nowhere and Cisco congratulate Tony on a job well done, but Layla breaks the news to the rest of the crew that they lost Tony. At first they don’t understand what she is saying, as Cisco asks if he is just out of range. But Layla further explains that Tony went over a cliff with one of Moray’s men just as he got the map. Frostee, Echo, and Cisco gasp as the reality of Layla’s words sets in. Layla gets teary-eyed as she vows that when she finds Moray, she will make sure he never makes it above ground again.

In the lower level of Moray’s lair, Layla mentions how she is pinned in by the ghost henchmen, and asks if Echo can get up there. Echo in turn replies that she is barely getting by. Moray then sends more of his henchmen to attack but one of them stays behind and goes to the machine that stops the cage Palindrome is inside from going any lower. A few seconds later, a still alive Tony yells out that he did it and he has now saved Palindrome.

The rest of the crew cheer at finding out Tony is still alive, and upstairs, Tony tells Moray that is all over. But all Moray tells the young Toretto is that it is just the beginning. His machine fully activates the magma, and Ms. Nowhere and the rest of the crew begin to retreat.

Tony tries to use the suit he stole from one of Moray’s henchmen but is still unable to. But is quickly knocked out by Tony who has finally learned how to use the suit, and once again stops the cage from descending any further into the lava pit. In his lair, Moray once again orders his henchmen to keep attacking Tony and the rest of his crew, because they can’t let the enemies of the new empire survive. Echo and Layla take out two of the aforementioned henchmen, and with the suit’s help, Tony does a backflip and takes out another ghost henchman.

Realizing he is cornered, Moray thanks his henchmen, and tells them that they won’t be forgotten in the new empire. He then uses the superspeed function in the suit and jumps through a lava fall and onto an exit out of the volcano. Tony vows that Moray isn’t getting away from him again and follows after him. Unfortunately, he still doesn’t know how to fully use the suit, and still feels a bit of the heat from the lava on him despite wearing the suit.

Tony and Moray continue to fight, and eventually Tony tells Moray to just give since they have collapsed all of his tunnels. So the lava will never reach Mexico City now. But Moray just tells Tony that he will never make it out of the volcano either.

Cisco and Tuco get back to Moray’s lair just in time, and are able to drill an escape route to get everyone out of the volcano. Layla decides to head back to save Tony. Using her car, Layla jumps through the lava fall and successfully rescues Tony while knocking out Moray. The two of them successfully get out of the volcano, and even bring with them Moray.

Tony once again apologizes to Layla for not listening to her or trusting her on this mission they went into. He admits that he just thought she was not going to stick with them, and it seemed like they were slowing her down. He admits that he will completely understand if Layla wants to bail, because family shouldn’t treat each other like he treated her. He then tells her he is sorry for letting her down.

Layla puts a hand on Tony’s shoulder, and tells him she just drove through lava to save his life. So there’s no way she would leave him now. The two teens then look at each other, and Tony chuckles awkwardly as Layla leans in closer and closer. Frostee asks just what is going on, as Echo and Cisco look on in confusion. Eventually, Layla mentions that now Tony owes her his life, and she will definitely be cashing in on that debt. So now he will wish he had died in the cave with Moray, before she is done with him.