Hello, Welcome to my userpage but more importantly welcome to The Fast and the Furious Wiki. I am one of the two active administrators of this wiki and if there are any issues, questions or concerns with editing I will be happy to assist you with them. I have been working for nearly two years to improve the wiki and get it up to date with correct information, there is still a long journey to get there, but we are getting there every day.

I can be contacted either through my message wall, through the chat or if it's absolutely urgent you can contact me through my Discord, but I'd rather it be used for urgent matters only. I'm currently 19 years old, and now that I'm in University I have a lot more flexibility in time and I love to spend it here and on twelve other communities that I belong to. But when I'm not at school, I'm either reading, watching stuff on YouTube or Netflix, doing something on a computer, or studying.

I am also an Admin and sometimes Bureaucrat on about twelve other Fandom Communities so to say that I've a bit of admin experience is a big understatement. As a result of my presence on Fandom and my admin experience I was recently offered a position in the TV/Movie Wiki Manager team however I have yet to make a decision.

Well, I think that's enough don't you think? If not, feel free to chat with me on my message wall. Do you want to see one of my other communities? Or perhaps find me when I'm not here, they're listed below.

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