"She stabbed one guy in the chest using a brick. Do you know how hard that is? To stab someone using a brick? The point is there's no sharp edge. How did she get an entire brick into another person's chest? She either had to be really strong or the other person had to have been, like, born without, like, bones."
―Victor Locke[src]

Victor Locke[1] is a CIA agent and a secondary character in Hobbs & Shaw. He is portrayed by Ryan Reynolds who also presumably voiced Eteon.


Early Life

During his early days as a CIA agent, Locke worked alongside DSS agent Luke Hobbs, developing an obsessive friendship with him, including watching Hobbs as he slept. Sometime after, Locke got tattoos that were identical to Hobbs'.[2]

Hobbs & Shaw

Breakfast Meeting

Following MI6's decision to issue a kill order on Hattie Shaw, the CIA enlisted agents Locke and Loeb to recruit Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw respectively with locating Hattie and securing The Snowflake. Locke tracked Hobbs down to a diner in Los Angeles, where he was having breakfast with his daughter, Samantha. During breakfast, Locke revealed his tattoos and divulged sensitive information regarding Hattie and The Snowflake in Samantha's presence, all while gushing about Game of Thrones and his admiration for Hobbs.[2]

Protective Custody

After Brixton Lore uses Eteon's ownership of several media outlets to frame Luke Hobbs as a perpetrator in the Attack on the CIA London Black Site, Samantha Hobbs was remanded to her aunt's custody, with the CIA tapping their phone call, to Hobbs' knowledge. Locke, who was responsible with monitoring their conversation, revealed that he was stationed at the diner, noting that it was oddly empty, before realizing that the diner was officially closed.[2]

New Mission

In the aftermath of the Battle of Samoa, The Snowflake was given to the CIA. However, Locke was engaged in heavy combat over a new virus that had been brought forth into play. After the battle, Locke called Hobbs for assistance, claiming that he was losing blood, before undercutting the tension by claiming that the blood was not his and that he really wished to discuss Jon Snow's incestuous actions with his aunt in Game of Thrones.[2]


"Uh, what's your, what's your blood type?"
"It's B positive, just-just like my life outlook."
Luke Hobbs and Locke[src]

Locke is known to be impulsive and careless, divulging classified information in a public diner within earshot of civilians, and was obsessive, especially when it came to Luke Hobbs. After a high stakes battle in which he believed he was dying, Locke informed Hobbs that his blood type was B-positive, akin to his attitude, holding a somewhat cheerful demeanor in what he believed were his last moments. However, after discovering that he was not dying and relaying the threat of a new virus in play, he immediately began to discuss the ending of Game of Thrones.





"By the way, I stabbed a guy with a brick. How crazy is that? Turns out, it's not that hard."
―Locke to Luke Hobbs[src]
  • Expert Combatant: As a CIA agent, Locke was highly trained in combat. He was able to defeat and kill numerous armed foes without sustaining harm, and even managed to impale one of his opponents with a brick.


  • Locke's blood type is B-positive, meaning he can donate blood to B-positive and AB-positive, and receive blood from B-positive, B-negative, O-positive, and O-negative.


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