Vladovin is an isolation region of Russia and a major location featured in The Fate of the Furious.


The Fate of the Furious

The gang travel to Vladovin after learning of a military base housing a submarine that they know Dom and Cipher would be going after. After calling all bets off the gang choose their cars and travel by plane where they stake out the area and then see Dom using the EMP to shut off the submarine so Cipher can take control.

Dom escapes to a rendezvous point while Cipher controls the sub while the crew try to stop her which they do by pulling trigger chips which stop her from pulling off a nuclear attack.

The gang attempt to flee in their cars with a submarine and corrupt Russian agents coming after them. After Dom is reassured that his son is safe with Deckard Shaw he kills Cipher's right hand man and then flees to rejoin his group. Together they work to stop the agents coming after them before Dom tricks Cipher into putting a heat seeker on him which he uses to aim it at the submarine which it blows up, putting an end to Cipher's reign.

Dom reunites with his group and they return to New York.




  • Vladovin is a fictional region created solely for the movie. While it is said to be located in Russia, all scenes set in Vladovin were actually filmed in Iceland.
  • The cast did not have stunt people and had to do all of their own stunts to which Tyrese Gibson revealed his fear of doing that in an interview.
  • During production their wind machines caused a car to blow into a paddock and almost kill an animal.

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